Fable Story

By Aidan Tribble

The Snake and the Rat

One afternoon, Tekers the Snake was slithering through the fields when he approached Savage the Rat. Savage the Rat nervously asked, "Wha wha what are you doing out here?" Tekers replied, "I'm heading to the market."

The Rat ran in fear of Tekers the Snake eating him and hid in a hole.

Later that day they met again just outside of the corn field. This time the Rat had bags of cheese that were to heavy for him to carry any further all at once. Tekers the Snake kindly asked "May I help you carry your cheese back to your home?"

Savage the Rat shockingly said "Yes you may" and gave Tekers a bag of cheese.

The Theme

The Theme of this short story fable is that the inside is what matters because Savage the Rat thought Tekers the Snake would eat him because he is a big scary looking snake, but that's not what Tekers the Snake is in the inside.