Shi Huangdi: Great but hated

By: Javier Estrada-Abad


Shi Huangdi is one the most epic and victorious rulers people ever saw! I think that once you read this you'll think the same...or maybe not.

Running Qin Dynasty

Shi Huangdi took over the throne at age 13. He expanded his empire by using his armies. To make sure no one revolted against him after he conquered a kingdom he broke down walls and took all of their weapons. He was a ruler that believed in Legalism. He changed China's political system. He divided China into districts which each had their own governor. He worked to improve the lives of their people.

Shi Huangdi posing with a serious face.


An achievement is that he became Qin dynasty's first emperor. Not only that but he was the first emperor to unify China. He began the construction of the Great Wall of China. He conquered six different kingdoms. And he worked to standardize China's writing system. Because it would be really hard if everyone wrote in a different way.

The Great Wall of China was one of Shi Huangdi's achievements.


Because he strictly believed in Legalism he ordered the burning of books that did not have with Legalism. Scholars that did not agree with the burning of the books were buried alive! He took land away from nobles. He also shared no power with the lords. Because of his cruelty people wanted to assassinate and lived in fear of assassination. People assume that one of his own workers poisoned him.

Shi Huangdi buried 460 scholars alive because they did not agree with the burning of books.


Those were the 3 things that made him great, the way he ran the Qin, his achivements, and last but not least his cruelty. I hope that with these reasons you'll think the same thing I do... he's awesome.
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Shi Huangdi showing how epic and great he was!