Mentor Minute

by Vicki Boyer

Bel Air Middle School Survives Record Breaking Storm!

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Teachers Toolbox

Looking for a way to foster brainstorming and movement in your classroom? Try using an approach found in Total Participation Techniques. In the book, the authors suggest using a "graffiti" approach by using several pieces of chart paper posing a question about a topic on each piece. Divide students into groups and give each group a piece of chart paper with a question (or post them around the room and have each group start at one piece of paper). Have students read the question on the chart paper and brainstorm answers to the question. Ask them to record their ideas on the chart paper in 3-5 minutes. After the group records their ideas, ask them to move to another piece of chart paper and complete the same process. Once each group has returned to their original piece of chart paper, have them read the "graffiti" on the paper and summarize the ideas on a separate piece of chart paper to share with the whole group (Himmele and Himmele, 2011). For this and other instructional strategy ideas look on the mentor page at, and don't forget to keep checking my Pinterest!

Celebrate Valentine's Day!

February Calendar

February 01: Content Specialists PD

February 02: Faculty Meeting CANCELLED

February 08: Report Card Grades Due

February 09: Report Cards Printed / Edline Update

February 12: Report Cards Distributed

February 15: Schools Closed

February 16: Department Meetings

February 18: Health Fair/Family Fitness

February 19: School Dance

February 22: Performance Matters PD

February 26: Hoops for Heart Assembly / Progress Reports Distributed

Beat the winter blues!

Well we made it through the historically coldest month of the year in Maryland with a record-breaking blizzard! One more month before we start to see real signs of spring! In an effort to keep your spirits high through February, why not try ice skating at the Hutchins Park rink or watch the Mardi Gras parade on February 9! For these and more fun ideas, check out the Visit Harford link, which is located just below!