Importance of Honor

Aubrey, Julio, David, Delaney, and Kennedy 5th Period

Famous Quote

"I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating."


Quote from Much Ado about Nothing (4.1)

Shakespeare’s time, a woman’s honor was based upon her virginity and chaste behavior. For a woman to lose her honor by having sexual relations before marriage meant that she would lose all social standing, a disaster from which she could never recover.

"I find here that Don Pedro hath bestowed much honor on
a young Florentine called Claudio."(1.1.9)

Claudio’s reputation precedes him, literally – we’re introduced to Claudio’s reputation before we meet him. It’s important that in our first exposure to this central character, the man is judged not by his deeds, but by what people (in this case, Don Pedro) say about him. This ends up being the case for Hero also; her bad reputation doesn’t come about from her actions, which everyone witnesses as pure, but based on Claudio thinking poorly of her.

Movie Connection


Refusing to let her father suffer battle, she steals his sword, his armor and his horse. Gently laying her pearled hair comb beside his bed, she takes his conscription papers and rides off into the night, accompanied by her wisecracking dragon companion, Mushu, to fight in his place. In doing what is right, Mulan risks everything to save the country and the father she loves. In Mulan's house, that means her ailing father must go because he has no sons. Mulan already has brought dishonor on the family by meeting disaster with the village matchmaker, yet her brave actions saved China and brought Honor back to her family.

The Theme Handled in Mulan and Much Ado about Nothing

In Mulan, Honor is a main reason that she goes to fight, to protect her father and her family’s pride. In Much Ado about Nothing Honor is the reason people act the way they do. In both of these Honor is the main reason for the characters actions, and the conclusion of the stories.

Honor in our lives

Honor effects how people act in the real world as well as the stories. Today, Honor is a huge part of our nation. We strive to uphold a good reputation for ourselves and our communities. Multiple things comes with honor, respect being one of them. As David Gemmell said, "Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honor, valor, respect. All these things have to be earned."