Aaron gilmore

What are the types/classes

Lunar, iron, stony, stony-iron, Martian

what is the length of the year (revolution)

It's a length of one year on any planet.

where does it originate from

it's fragments of asteroids that broke off a long time ago.

What size is it normaly

meteors are about the size of a grain of sand.

Do have any rings

No but a whole bunch of them can make a ring for a planet.

Do it have any moons

No they have no atmosphere to have a moon

What are three distinguishing characteristic of it

Most meteoroids have a smooth surface with no holes. Some might have some thumb like prints on them their called regmaglypts. Their size is 10 meters in diameter.

Name at least 2 mission that has explored it and the date the mission launched.

They didn't have launch mission for meteoroids because they have samples from ones that hit the earth.