Funny in Farsi


Uncle Nematollah is coming to the United State.

Firoozeh is somewhat excited for her uncle's visit, yet she is worry and annoyed about it .

Uncle is staying for months.

Uncle is staying in Firoozeh's house for about three months. Firoozeh's family enjoyed the time with uncle and they try out a lot of American food.

After trying a lot of the American food, Uncle has gain some weight.

Firoozeh's uncle and her father went to the market and bought some different variety of food, some of the food they don't like. This made Uncle Nematollah gained some weight and he can't fit in his pants anymore.

Uncle Nematollah is looking for ways to lose weight.

Uncle is trying to lose the weight that he got from eating too much. He went the gym, but it didn't work out.

Uncle Nematollah left and went back to Iran after he failed lose weight.

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