Friday, January 15th, 2016

Mrs. Jackson's Pre-K

Peek Into Our Week!

Parent: "What did you do today at school?"

Child: "Nothing."

I've heard this so many times from my own child, too! I want to try to give you all a little peek into our week with some of our highlights. I hope you will be able to find some information to talk with your child about and get some fun stories from each of them. We have a great time learning in our classroom and I know they will enjoy sharing!

  • We made snow! Monday morning we enjoyed making snow in our "snow table". The students measured their "snow powder" and then their water to watch the snow explode! There were tons of "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" and they enjoyed playing in the "snow" all week! (Well, until we learned that old popcorn kernels mixed with the polymer "snow" will sprout the corn and create an incredibly disgusting smell!) We will be making new snow (new recipe) next week!
  • Solids and Liquids: We had fun learning about solids and liquids and experimenting with ice. We figured out how we could get it to melt fastest by using our hands (squeezing it, moving it around, rubbing our hands together, etc.) and had some creative ideas for other ways we could make it melt (microwave, pouring water on it, putting it by the heater, out in the sun, etc.). We also added salt to see what would happen!
  • How many mittens tall are you? We measured everyone with mittens and will be creating a new class graph next week to see who was the most number of mittens tall, the least number of mittens tall, the same number of mittens tall, etc.
  • For the first time in pre-k history.....wink, wink,......we had a daily graph have equal numbers on each side! Every afternoon we have a daily question. The students work on recognizing their name to know when it's their turn to come answer the question. They place their name under their answer. When everyone has answered the question, our graph helper of the day comes and leads the class in counting the graph sides. We circle the largest number....but....yesterday afternoon, we had the same number on both sides and had the opportunity to learn more about equal and what it means! Pretty exciting stuff!

100th Day of School & Family Activity!

Next Wednesday, January 20th, is the 100th day of school! Please allow your child to dress like they are 100 years old that day! Their teachers will be aging that day, as well! We will also enjoy some fun that day with the number 100! I'd like to ask everyone to take some time during this long weekend and find 100 pieces of the same item with your child that they can bring in and show to the class on Wednesday morning. We will be looking at how different 100 items can look, for example, a bag of 100 cotton balls looks very different than a bag of 100 beads. Some examples of items brought in over the years are: erasers, buttons, m&ms, cheerios, seeds. I hope this activity will be fun for your family! Feel free to send items in on Tuesday. All items will be returned Wednesday afternoon!

Dry Erase Markers!

Please don't forget to send in a pack of dry erase markers for your child! I am planning an activity using our individual dry erase boards each day next week and would like for everyone to have their own markers to use! Thank you for your support!

Still Accepting Mittens and Gloves!

Thanks so much to those of you who have sent in mittens and gloves! We would love to have more! Any size and color is perfect! As always, if you would like them returned, please label them with a name!

Coming Soon.....

  • Monday, January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr.s' Birthday- NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, January 19th: Start sending in your Family Activity for 100th Day of School!
  • Wednesday, January 20th: 100th Day of School! (More info to come...we will dress like we are 100 years old and show our 100 items that morning!)
  • Thursday, January 21st: Truitt's Pizza Family Night
  • Tuesday, January 26th: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night