Elbhangfest Holiday Festival

Food, Music, and Celebration


Elbhangfest is a holiday festival that celebrates and honors music with a big feast for the town called Loschwitz. They have it on June 27 through the 29. One the first day they have a festival, that honors the founder of the town and on the second day it is the actual holiday. They also have many traditions that they have been celebrating for 300 years.
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Traditional Costrumes

People who are visiting the town, don't really wear the traditional costumes, the men wear black pants, with a long self shirt and a tie. The ladies wear a skirt, shirt, or a very fancy dress with beads and jewels. The people who live in the town wear there traditional costume or outfit. It is a colorful shirt ( blue/green), black pants, and black shoes (boys). A white long dress with a black ribbon at the top of the neckline, black dressy shoes, and a hat of beautiful tiny flowers.
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Beads and Bracelets

People on the second day of the Elbhangfest holiday festival, like to make traditional bracelets out of colored beads. They do this because it is for fun and it is to get to know one another in the town. The people give these bracelets or necklaces to there friends and family to welcome or end the Elbhangfest holiday festival. Normally the people make at least 1000 each year. They do this at the beginning of the Elbhangfest to welcome and celebrate.
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Dancing is one of the most special traditions of the Elbhangfest holiday festival. There are many dances that they do, but the one that is the most important is the ribbon dance. The ribbon dance is where you get a partner and a ribbon in the person to the right hand, then you get in group with three other group and start dancing in a circle over and over again.

Why do they celebrate this holiday?

The town's people celebrate this holiday to remember there leader or the founder of the town. The people look up to him because he did so many great things for the town, for example he crossed the Elb river, to go to war. He risked his own life to save the innocent people of the town.

Where is the Elbhangfest holiday festival?

The Elbhangfest holiday festival is in a state called Dresden and a town called Loschwitz.

The people of the town have it here, because the leader or founder was born and died in Loschwitz.

By:Alexis Shutt Period 1