Integrating Media into Learning

Virtual Learning Session by WXXI Education

Session Focus:

  • Media literacy vs. media management vs. teaching with media
  • Being a media mentor
  • How media & technology fit into early learning settings
  • Screen time conversation shift quality vs. quantity
  • NAEYC & Fred Rogers Center Position Statement on Technology Use

It is the position of NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center that: Technology and interactive media are tools that can promote effective learning and development when they are used intentionally by early childhood educators, within the framework of developmentally appropriate practice.

Principles to Guide the Appropriate Use of Technology and Media as Tools in Early Childhood:

  • Should not harm children
  • Follow developmentally appropriate practices
  • Is it age-appropriate, individually appropriate, culturally, and linguistically appropriate?
  • Evaluate and select tech/media based on the children in their learning setting
  • Adapt, learn about, and become familiar with new technologies
  • Be intentional
  • Be active, hands-on, engaging, and empowering
  • Child-centered
  • Is it being used as one of many options to support children’s learning?
  • Be playful and support creativity, exploration, pretend and active play, and outdoor activities.
  • Digital literacy for early childhood educators and parents is essential.
  • Ongoing training and support for ECE.

Apps That Model Positive Uses of Tech/Media Learning

Each of these FREE apps provide playful learning opportunities for children, as well as suggested ways guides grownups with activity ideas, language and conversation starters, ways to extend learning, and more.

Common Sense Media

Educators and parents can use Common Sense Media to review and check appropriateness for ALL kinds of media (apps, television shows, movies, video games...)! -

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