The Bulldog Banter

15th Edition of the 2020/2021 School Year

Spring Conferences were a Success!

Thank you to all of the families who took time out of their night last week to hear about all of the wonderful learning that is happening each and every day at Meadowbrook. Our teachers were able to meet with 90% of our families; your commitment to your child's education is appreciated. Thank you to our very own Meadowbrook PSA for providing a meal each night for our teachers to enjoy before conferences started. We appreciate your support.

HSSD Referendum Questions, Updates and Quicklinks

Please click here if you would like to learn more about the referendum proposal for this Spring.

On-line Scholastic Book Fair

Time for some new books? Please click here to view all of the awesome titles available! The sale will run through March 7th - but don't wait! Order some today!

Parent Drop-off and Pick-Up Reminders

Thank you for your cooperation. We have improved the drop off time significantly by having parents drop off along the curbside and allow the students to walk to the entrance doors.

  • Drop off for the beginning of the school day will begin at 8:20 AM. There is no supervision available outside prior to 8:20 am; so please do not have your students exit your vehicle until you see a staff member. School begins promptly at 8:35; so please arrive prior to that to ensure your student does not feel rushed when settling in. Students arriving after 8:35 am should enter the main office doors. 4th grade students using the shuttle to campus should arrive by 8:30 am at the latest. If you are running late; you are welcome to drop off directly at Campus.

  • Pull all the way forward, once your vehicle stops along the curb area drop off zone, students should exit the vehicle. Students should exit the passenger side, and proceed into the building. Please pull forward as far as you can, regardless of the door your child is directed to use. Staff will be on site and will assist your child if need be. Students in Grades 2-4 will use Door 8 (main entrance) and Door 2 (kindergarten doors) for students in K-1. Both can be accessed using the sidewalk in front of school, regardless of drop off location.Vehicles exiting the parking lot to the south or turning left onto Hillcrest, please be mindful of busses turning in. Busses require much greater space to make the turn into the lot. Please allow them space to turn in.

    If possible, please do not arrive prior to 8:15 am, as traffic has been backing up on Hillcrest and causing difficulty for delivery drivers to access necessary doors.

  • Silent Dismissal - We will once again be utilizing Silent Dismissal at the end of the day for pick up. It is important to have your car tag displayed on your rear view mirror so we can keep the line moving. If you need assistance to remember your number or to log in to the app, please contact our main office at (920) 662-5000. Students will be dismissed starting at 3:20 PM. If you have misplaced your tags, please email Mrs. Mason at and she will order new ones for you.

COVID 19 Updates and Reminders

  • Thank you for your cooperation and using the Frontline Health Portal app. All students and staff should continue to use the Frontline health screening app each day before arriving at school. If you have not already done so, directions for download and use are linked on the HSSD website.
  • We have updated our COVID-19 Exposure Protocols document to reflect the new CDC guidance for 7 and 10-day quarantines when certain conditions have been met.
  • Please use the HSSD COVID-19 Hotline (920-662-7233) for questions or to report COVID-19 exposure and COVID-19 test results. The hotline voicemail is monitored daily by our student services and organizational development teams. Working in tandem with the exposure protocols, our hotline is a valuable resource for understanding how COVID-19 exposure or a positive test result will affect your family.
  • The CDC cites five mitigating strategies which HSSD will continue to employ and we encourage our families and staff to follow in any public setting: 1.) consistent and correct use of masks; 2.) social distancing to the extent possible; 3.) hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette; 4.) cleaning and disinfection; and 5.) contact tracing in collaboration with the local health department.

2021 Calendar Reminders

March 9 - PSA Fundraiser at Panera Bread

March 19 - NO SCHOOL (K-4)

March 29-April 2 - Spring Break

Panera Bread Fundraiser for PSA

On Tuesday, March 9th the PSA is hosting a fundraiser with Panera Bread. Mention Meadowbrook PSA between the hours of 4:00-8:00 pm, and our PSA will receive a percentage of your order total. Please see the flyer below for more information.
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Our Leader of the Pack Winners

We want to recognize the following students who were nominated this week for following the Bulldog Way:

Lucas N: Lucas finds ways to include other students when playing in the field during recess. He also demonstrates how to play safely when there is ice in the field and encourages other students to follow his example.

Hudson L: Hudson is very helpful at the end of recess by picking up equipment in his playground zone.

Harper B: This is her first year at Meadowbrook and she definitely is a bulldog., She is very kind, thoughtful and responsible. She is always willing to help her classmates, always has a smile on her face and best of all....she loves the Packers!

Exciting News!

After being a top scorer in fourteen battles, Meadowbrook's very own 4th grader, Wyatt L, made it to the Howard Suamico Battle of the Books State Team. In addition to Wyatt, the state team consisted of students from Suamico Elementary and Bay Harbor. This team just completed their State Battle and scored an 88%! Due to virtual battles this year, they are waiting to hear if that score was strong enough to place in the state tournament. Way to go, Wyatt! We are proud of you

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Classroom Spotlight

Each week we will feature a classroom on our web site; please click here to see who is featured this week and what they are working on.

March Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Please click here to see what is on the menu this month at Meadowbrook!

School Nutrition Updates

March 9th - Don't want to miss breakfast at HSSD!

Want to know something new and exciting? Next week we will be celebrating National School Breakfast Week. The theme this year is 'Undeniably Dairy' and we will be participating in a contest featuring a new product on our breakfast menu - local cheese curds as well as low fat milk choices. The purpose of this is to remind you that choosing nutritious milk and dairy products with meals helps build strong bones plus can add protein.

Fun fact - cheese curds begin with fresh milk from a dairy farm right here in Wisconsin! We are excited to share this is the reason we chose this product, we want to highlight the importance of farm to table and do our part! Don't forget to grab breakfast so you can try the cheese curds.


Contact Kim Paulson ( or 920-662-7717 if you have any questions about your child(s) meal account

Student User Name and Password Assistance

If you need a reminder about what your child's district username, password, and Google account credentials are, please submit this Google Form. An email will be sent to the parent email address with the child's login credentials included in an attachment. If you already know your child's district login credentials, there is no need to complete this form.

Community Resource Updates

Our district team of social workers has put together a fantastic summary of community resources available to all community members. Please click here to read their newsletter. The Meadowbrook social worker, Ms. Katie Rabas, would be happy to talk with you further if need be. She can be reached via email at or by calling the school office at 920-662-5000.

From the School Board

On Election Day, April 6, 2021, the Howard-Suamico School District will have two referenda questions on the ballot. The first question reads:

“Shall the Howard-Suamico School District, Brown County, Wisconsin be authorized to exceed the revenue limit specified in Section 121.91, Wisconsin Statutes, for a duration of five years beginning with the 2023-2024 school year and ending with the 2027-2028 school year by an amount of $5,000,000 per year for non-recurring purposes consisting of reducing class sizes, employee compensation, and facility maintenance?”

This question asks our community to continue the support it approved in 2018 but expires at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Approving this question on April 6th this year will allow the district to continue the strides we have made in reducing class sizes, maintaining employee compensation, and facility maintenance needs through the end of the 2027-28 school year.

The second question is the result of over 18 months of analysis that includes facilities studies and community input from both a community led task force and community surveys. This question reads:

“Shall the Howard-Suamico School District, Brown County, Wisconsin be authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $98,000,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school building improvement project consisting of: renovations including improvements to learning environments, safety and security improvements and construction of additions for new gymnasiums at Bay View Middle School and Forest Glen Elementary School; district-wide capital maintenance and building infrastructure improvements; site improvements; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures and equipment?”

With the successful passage of this question, the Board of Education will be able to reduce the tax levy rate from the $9.19 amount that has been in place for the past seven years to a new $8.99 rate. This is possible due to strategic and sound fiscal planning over the past several years. One example of this would be the significant savings of interest costs throughout the years by aggressively paying down our debt. Certainly not a new concept, homeowners and business owners have long been employing this strategy as a way to plan for the future.

The district will be providing information regarding these questions in multiple ways. On the district website there is a section dedicated to the referendum. Once on our website, select the Community tab, then select Referendum from the drop-down menu. There is information regarding the proposed projects at each of our schools, information about the Community Task Force, a Q&A section, and a way to contact us with questions. More information will be updated in the coming days and weeks, including informational videos about each question and the tax levy rate. The Board of Education will be holding three community information sessions in March to answer questions in person. There will also be a virtual community information session created and posted on the website in the coming weeks. And referendum reminders will be arriving in your mailboxes.

Community Events

Please click here to explore some family friendly activities and outings in our area.