Prisoners Of The Holocaust

The Un-Desirables

Child Euthanasia Centers

-Euthanasia- means good death in german and this form of killing was the first form of "projects" the nazis party came up with. In this way the nazis's would take chilrderen from there homes to specail hospitals or schools set up with all the "equitment"[gass chambers, ect.] they needed to fix the child. They said that they were taking them to some where that they would get the help that they need and that the would be better soon and could go home but end up killing them anyways withou telling the parents just to gane the money the parents would pay for the childs say at the hospitals or schools the nazis would put them in. this was a huge amout of there income and how they stayed on top in the war.
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^^one of the buses they used to chransport the victomes [they painted the windows so no one could see inside]

pic by — Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Wiesbaden

the number of people killed during the holocaust

  • homosexuals -50,000 men were taken to prison and around 15,000 of them were taken to camps
  • roma -20,000
  • political prisoners -
  • jehovah witness -around 2,000-25,000 were sent to camps
  • polish- Its estimated that the Germans killed at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish people
  • people with disorders -200,000

these are the number of people that were lost. all of these inacent people died because of one man and his thirst for power. all of this happened because hitler wanted to pureify there nation and this one goal was taken to extrem meures and there is a permint scar in history from what him and his followers did.

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La Documentation Francaise

Soviet prisoner in the ukrainian war front

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