STEAM Middle School

Wolverine News Volume 8

Week of October 17 - 21st

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Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, October 18th: HMS 7th Grade Football @ Granbury & 8th Grade Football vs Granbury / KMS 7th Grade Football vs Joshua & 8th Grade Football @ Joshua

Wednesday, October 19th: PSAT 8/9 Testing for 8th graders

Thursday, October 20th: HMS Volleyball vs Joshua / KMS Volleyball @ Granbury

Thursday, October 20th: 1st Six Weeks House Party for Mzushi, details below

Friday, October 21st: HMS Mass Band Night

October 24-28th: Red Ribbon Week, details below

Wednesday, November 16th: STEAM House Canned Food Drive ends

Here's to...

Our House Winner for the Week of October 10-14th:



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Congratulations to our Staff and Students of The Month!

Check out BISD's Student and Staff of The Month page!

Staff and Student of The Month Presentation, click here.


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Ms. Katie Hernandez, Math/Science Collaborative Facilitator

What Ms. Hernandez's co-workers say about her...

  • Ms. Hernandez is organized, ready to lead, and positive. Ms. Hernandez speaks highly of her students and expects great things. She is an asset to STEAM Middle School and a great leader for our students.
  • She always has an excellent attitude. She keeps others looking at things from a student benefit perspective. She contributes thoughtfully to conversations and leadership discussion.
  • Ms. Hernandez does a great job of facilitating for ALL students. She always has a way to re-explain something that didn't make sense to a student the first time. Her lesson supplements are also super helpful.
  • Ms. Hernandez is a superwoman. I am amazed by her knowledge of students, content, and special education rules/regulations. She always has the most positive, upbeat attitude and never stops. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work with her.
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Summer, 6th Grade

What Summer's teachers say about her...

Summer is a model student. She is always on time, on task, polite, and hardworking. Summer thrives on excellence in all aspects of school.

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Lucas, 6th Grade

What Lucas' teachers say about him...

Lucas has been a model student. He works extremely hard, and is extremely respectful. He has a positive attitude. Luas displays a strong worth ethic and is a role model. He strives for excellence in all he does. This student does not give up on himself.


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Mr. Alan Sypert, Band Director

What Mr. Sypert's co-workers say about him...

  • Mr. Sypert is such a supportive mentor. It also seems like he is constantly helping out around the entire school. He really cares and makes a difference in bettering the school. He is honest and helpful.
  • He is always seen working to keep students moving toward positive outcomes in his band program and in the common areas. I always appreciate his contributions to our CLT meetings. He is insightful and creative in finding solutions to improve our campus climate.
  • Constantly helping out at all locations during morning/afternoon duty as well as working hard to solve problems with steam u.
  • Mr. Sypert is always going above and beyond to make sure students and other staff members are having a good day. He is always willing to jump into any situation to help out the team.
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Annabelle, 7th Grade

What Annabelle's teachers say about her...

Annabelle Roberts has been doing an amazing job in Science. She does her best regardless of what others are doing. She is very easy going and helpful among her peers.

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Preston, 7th Grade

What Preston's teachers say about him...

Preston Jean is always reliable and willing to help anyone, at any time! He is a great kid with a positive attitude. He has taken the responsibility himself to put and take down the United States flag outside daily. Preston models the type of student we encourage all to be here at STEAM.


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Mrs. Megan Thrasher, Pre-AP Algebra I Facilitator

What Mrs. Thrasher's co-workers say about him...

  • Mrs. Thrasher has stepped up in a big way at STEAM. Her organization is stellar. As an 8th grade lead she keeps her team notified, and well ahead of deadlines. Her students adore and respect her for her willingness to sacrifice for them and meet their needs in such a challenging subject.
  • Mrs. Thrasher is an excellent leader. We are blessed to have her as a part of the STEAM Team!


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Karol, 8th Grade

What Karol's teachers say about her...

Karol is a hard worker. She is always asking questions in class to better understand. Karol has mentored other students who were stuck on a concept. Overall, she is a great class leader. Karol has created some amazing work. This student’s art work was selected to be on the front of the STEAM Band binders. She is an excellent example of a model student.

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David, 8th Grade

What David's teachers say about him...

David is always working hard. He helps in class and on his own time. David discusses topics that we go through in class at home with his family. He is very respectful and helps other students. He exemplifies what our STEAM student code of conduct is and how student’s should present themselves.


Click here to view our STEAM Trust Card-Level Requirements.

Remember, at the end of each six weeks, we will review daily attendance, grades, discipline referral, and tardy data by-student to determine who qualifies for each of the three levels of trust cards. Then, according to the data, new trust cards will be issued each six weeks.

Level 1 Blue Trust Card contains 6 privileges. Level 2 Red Trust Card contains 12 privileges. Level 3 Platinum Trust Card contains 17 privileges. Again, these privileges can be redeemed from any STEAM staff member throughout a six weeks. Use them because you have earned them by your hard work in showing respect, taking responsibility, embodying excellence, having an amiable attitude, and making a difference! Also, ask your teachers how you can earn back privileges that you have already redeemed.

Students who receive a Positive Office Referral will automatically obtain a Platinum Trust Card for six weeks.

Click here to view descriptions for our Trust Card privileges.

Remember to wear your Trust Card, redeem your privileges, and celebrate your success! As you redeem your privileges, please find us, because we want to take your picture and celebrate with you!

1st Six Weeks House Winner

Congratulations to Mzushi for being the first six weeks house winner!

On Thursday, October 20th from 12:30-1:15 join us for Kona Ice in the cafeteria!

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1st Six Weeks A and A/B Honor Roll

Congratulations to students who made A and A/B Honor Roll for the first six weeks!

On Monday, On October 17th, students who made either A or A/B honor roll may come to the office to pick up their high school dress sticker. This sticker may only be used once, during the week of October 17-21st. In addition, we invite our students who made the A Honor Roll for ice cream on Friday, October 21st.

Again, thank you to all of our STEAMers for your hard work and making it a great first six weeks!

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CHS vs BHS Battle of The Boot

The sticker for high school dress must be worn (only once) during the week of October 17th-21st.

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Don't Forget to Order a Yearbook!

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National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week is October 15th and 18-21st at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Read the release below for details about STEAM's participation!

I Love Burleson ISD

Please join us in supporting Burleson ISD by signing up for a yard sign or decal through! Once you request your free yard sign or decal, it will be available for pick-up here at STEAM. Don't forget to take a picture with your gear in

front of the "I Love Burleson ISD" backdrop!

You can also follow ILoveBurlesonISD on facebook and twitter.

Below are the links:

I Love Burleson ISD (Facebook)

I Love Burleson ISD (Twitter)

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Grade Level Newsletters

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Google Classroom for Parents

Want in on your child's Google Classroom activity?

Visit the docs below to learn how to receive daily or weekly summaries of Google Classroom activity as well as additional topics!

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 24th-28th

Votes are in!

Students and staff voted, here are our daily themes for the week of October 24th-28th:

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Monday 10/24

Our House is Drug Free

House colors, head to toe

Tuesday 10/25

Team Up Against Drugs

Wear a team jersey

If you wear a team jersey, you may wear jeans.

Wednesday 10/26

Be a Genius, Don’t Use Drugs

Nerd out!

Thursday 10/27

Pair Up Against Drugs

Twin day!

Friday 10/28

Kick Drugs Out of This Decade!

Throwback to the 90’s

What Is Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. STEAM Middle School staff and students will show our personal commitment to a drug-free lifestyle through various themed days throughout the week.

STEAM House Canned Food Drive

We will be accepting canned foods on behalf of Harvest House

now through Wednesday, November 16th.

Giving back is a great way to be involved with our community!

Houses will receive points based on each donation... 10 points per item!

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Give Me 5 Campaign

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Doctor and Personal Appointments

Please make sure that when scheduling appointments for students, that they are before or after school. Attendance is crucial and we ask that if an appointment must be made during the school day, that they occur after 10:00 am.

Dress Code

We frequently perform dress code checks, please ensure that your student is always in compliance, click here for middle school dress guidelines.

On the occasion, we offer students high school dress days. In the event that we do, please follow such guidelines, click here.

Failure to Report to STEAM U or Academic Lab

Students are required to report to their scheduled STEAM U and/or Academic Lab time. All students are aware of their destinations for each scheduled time.

Failure to attend either STEAM U or Academic Lab will result in an afterschool detention.


On Fridays, our STEAM students will get to choose from the available clubs during their STEAM U/ Academic Lab times instead of completing their Canvas Modules and/or attending academic labs.

Students may choose a different club each STEAM U, each week.

The STEAM U Friday Clubs List will be posted for students in the Cafeteria, Collab B, and Front Office/Cafeteria Hallway.

What is S.T.E.A.M.?

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Counseling Corner with Mrs. Harrison

Check out this article about an app that a teenager created called "Sit With Us"!

I challenge you to start the movement.

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Schedule Change Requests

Requests to change:

No core class change request will be accepted after 9/25.

No elective change request after 9/7.

There will be no exceptions after these deadlines.

The next chance to change core or elective classes will be at the close of the semester.

Teacher Contact

Communication is key in any working relationship. Stay up-to-date with your student's academics through the STEAM, individual teacher, and BISD websites as well as weekly grade level newsletters.

Who should you contact first in the event clarification is needed regarding your child?

Your child's teacher(s).

Our facilitators know your student and care about their success. If you have questions regarding assignments, behavior, or specific events, reach out to them.

Use this link to find individual teacher emails.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is of utmost importance. When students are absent, not only do they miss out on direct instruction, but also they have assignments that begin to pile up. While sometimes being absent is unavoidable, especially if a student has a fever or doctor's orders to stay home, if at all possible make sure they attend every day.

In Texas, students are required to attend school no less than 90% of the time, or to be absent no more than 17 days. When students pass 17 days of absences (EVEN excused with a doctor's note and partial absences) they are subject to loss of credit. Loss of credit means that they will not be given credit for courses (a really big deal if they are enrolled in high school classes). We work hard to insure that all of our students have the tools to be successful; thus, we allow students who have 17 + absences the opportunity to make-up seat time in order to avoid credit loss.

If your child has reached the 17 day limit you will be contacted and provided with a plan of action to make sure that seat-time recovery is a viable option.

Sometimes being absent is unavoidable and necessary but, if students are not required to stay home we ask that they have 100% attendance. Please see the Burleson ISD Attendance Letter for more information.

PSAT 8/9 for 8th Graders

The PSAT 8/9 is a test that will help you and your teachers figure out what you need to work on most so that you’re ready for college when you graduate from high school. It tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10 — in a way that makes sense for your grade level. This test is only offered to our current 8th graders.

For more information, click here!

In order to prepare for PSAT 8/9, all of our 8th graders have begun working in Khan Academy, click here to be directed to the site!

Student Guide to PSAT 8/9

Information for Parents about PSAT 8/9

PSAT 8/9 Testing Information

A Note From Nurse Shields


Dress for the weather

Mornings at the bus stop are often cold while later it can be quite warm during PE/athletics. Dressing in layers will enable your child to be warm and comfortable with our ever changing New Texas weather.

Protect yourself from ticks and mosquitoes

Avoid outdoor activities between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

If you must be outside wear long sleeves and pants. Use bug repellent safely. Remove any free standing water in and or around your home. Check your body for ticks after being in brushy, wooded or grassy areas. Ticks will often find their way to less obvious places like between toes, along the hairline, armpits and groin area.

Monitor any bug bite sites for a bull’s eye like appearance or persistent flu like symptoms that are not improving. See your doctor with any questions or concerns


Flu Season

Cold and flu season will be here before you know it... The basics will help keep you healthy. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and or sneezing. Getting a good night sleep and eating healthy foods will provide your body with the stamina it needs to get through the day and fight off viruses. If your child becomes ill and feels he or she cannot participate in all of the school’s daily activities, keep them home.

Your child should be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine before returning to school.

Discuss with your physician whether it is appropriate to get a flu shot. As always seek out your physician if you are not feeling well and symptoms persist.

BISD Health Newsletter


Find us on Facebook: STEAM Middle School PTO - Burleson, Texas.

Have questions or comments for the PTO?

Contact us at

Box Top Competition

Check out the latest in our Box Top competition!

Lost & Found Items

Items that remain in the Lost & Found by Friday afternoon will be taken to the Harvest House. Students are encouraged to check for missing items, too many things are being left behind! The Lost & Found is located in the office.

Directory Information


Our STEAM social media accounts are updated frequently with the exciting things going on at STEAM. We would like to make sure your student is able to be a part of our STEAM videos and photos that we post on our STEAM social media accounts. Please update your student's directory information if you would like your STEAM student a part of our videos and photos. You may complete the attachment below and return this form to our front office.