Hurricane katriena of 2005 by jesse adair

Formation of a hurricane

Today's topic is hurricanes. the way they form is from tropical depessions that are in warm water and when the wind blows a certain way the evaporation causes clouds spin at 89 miles per hour. This is called a hurricane. Hurricanes are storm systems; It causes lightning and rain up to 12 inches.

categorizing and nameing

Hurricanes are categorized and named; Categorizing is done by using the Saffir Simpson scale this scale helps to detirman if the hurricane will cause signifacant damage or not. Naming hurricanes is more complexed; They use six different list of names to choose a name for a hurricane every year they rotate the lists to pick a name.

Hurricane Katrina

The historical hurricane i want to tell you about today is hurricane Katrina. Hurricane katrina was the most catistrophic hurricane sience 1928. Hurricane Katrina occured on August 23rd,05. It hade wind speeds up to 175 miles per hour;it was a category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Katrina was very massive and very powerful, in fact it was so powerful it pushed boats ashore and caused 1200 deaths.Hurricane Katrina coast 75 billion dallors to repear and it hade thirty three reported tournadoes. it became a extropical low on august 31st in the tennesse vally. Thanks for reading.