The Roanoke Sound

Easton Kilgore

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Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries are very important ecosystems. They have many habitats and conditions that are required for a vast number of species. Birds, fish, insects, and many other types of animals require conditions specific only to estuaries to survive. They are also often the economic hot spot for coastal communities, because of the large amount of different species. Many coastal towns and cities rely on estuaries for their fish. 75% of the US commercial fish catch is in estuaries. We need estuaries to take the brunt of the force of hurricanes in NC. Estuaries prevent massive shoreline erosion in NC and give tons of beautiful vacation spots for tourists.

Plants and Animals found in the Roanoke Sound


-Sea Turtles


-Sea gulls


-Geese and ducks


-Core Sound

-Barden Inlet

-Drum Inlet

Threats to the Roanoke Sound

The Roanoke Sound is in danger because of wetlands being cleared for building and agriculture, much like other estuaries on the NC outer banks. Sewage leaked into the estuaries threaten ecosystems and habitats there. Algae blooms and toxic microorganisms also threaten the Roanoke Sound.
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