Tank less Water Heater

It heats water almost instantly and takes up less space.

How it works

When the hot water tap is turned on cold water flows through the pipes and into the heating mechanism. There, either a gas burner, or electric element heats the water. A constant flow of warm water comes out without having to hold water in a tank.


There are different types of tank less water heaters for how much water you use daily.

  1. 41 gallons of hot water or less is 24%-34% more energy efficient.
  2. Around 86 gallons a day can be 8%-14%.
  3. You can save even more if you install a demand water heater at each hot water outlet. That would save you 27%-50%.

My House

I would want to use a tank less water heater in the house I am designing because it saves money over time and produces more hot water than the regular water heaters with the big tanks. It also saves space. They last about 20 years while other water heaters last

10-15 years.


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