Why Canada Is The Greatest Country


What will Canada's population be like in 2050?

In my opinion I think by the year 2050 Canada's population is going to be low. I say that because, of how many Canadians and immigrants consume food,water and other good resources. It shows that our health rates today are low because of all the chemicals and junk food we eat plus of all that radiation our cell phones, televisions, Ipods (etc) sends off. By the year 2050 our population would be approximently 5 million-40 million. Currently our population is 34,834,841. Between now and then, population growth will have slowed due to continued low fertility levels, a measure of the number of children women have over their childbearing years. The population could level off at 35 million if the present low birthrate is not offset by a high rate of immigration.By 2050, seniors may number 10 million, roughly 25 percent of the projected population.

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Interactions In The Physical Enviorment

In the western Cordillera , temperatures are warmer in the valleys than higher in the mountains. Above the tree lines there are meadows of flowers (good soil).The western cordillera is composed of large steep mountains that have not been damaged by erosion . These mountains contain river flows that flow from east to west. Soil is dense because of heavy rainfalls (Similar to prairie forest). In the cordillera temperatures are warmer in the valleys ,than in the mountains. temperatures vary with latitude and elevation; moderate summers (15 Degrees) and moderate winters (-12 degrees); perception varies widely with elevation and physical dispects.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries?

Forestry has a lot of environment impact, like acid precipitation,pests,damage from insects,forest fires,aerial spraying of chemical etc. there are some solutions to continue sustainable forestry. We can use selective logging which means cutting only some trees, while saving young trees and some healthy older trees to hold soil and provide seed for the future. We can also try enrichment replanting which means planting new trees or plants under older trees or in small clearings when they do not grow back by themselves/ replant trees once we cut down one. That way we can produce more and earn more money.

Livable Communities

Considering the way electricity, water, sewage treatment, trash removal and other basic services are provided in the community, it is the first step when assessing the impact your community has on the environment. We can make our communities more livable by discontinuing pollution in our waters, frugal use, water collection and non-toxic recycling of scarce water. We should also give to the enviorment by making it pesticide-free, we should be using more solar and wind energy. We should also have commerce & trade. All residents should have a voice and stake. Technology and social media are major drivers for change, it is there combination with more traditional campaigns like stickers, town hall meetings and genuine engagement that really given residents a sense of a voice, and a stake in their communities. Transportation is one important act. Transport routes and links should also do more than connect people to the urban centre, but consider the networks that exist within communities, and help link people to destinations. We should upgrade specific parts of our community to make it sustainable.
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