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North Mianus School Teacher: Semifinalist in CT Teacher of the Year Program

Congratulations to Ms. Crystal Kitselman who is a semifinalist in the CT Teacher of the Year Program! Ms. Kitselman was selected as a 2019 Distinguished Teacher and was chosen to represent the District at the state-wide level. She has been with the District for 13 years and is currently a 3rd grade teacher at North Mianus School. The entire GPS community is so proud of her and wishes her the best of luck!

"Starbooks" Cafe at Julian Curtiss School

3rd graders at Julian Curtiss School spent an afternoon at "Starbooks Café" for a book "tasting." Students were encouraged to explore their classroom libraries by taking "sips" of different books to see what authors and genres they would like to dig into. Tables were set with placemats and menus where students shared their thoughts with their classmates about their first impressions, and if they would like to take more than a "sip" of the books they previewed. The activity provided a creative way to introduce students to new books and genres, while allowing teachers to learn more about their students as readers.

September 5 Board of Education Retreat Recap

Greenwich Public School's Board of Education met last Thursday evening at the Havemeyer Building for a Board Retreat.The agenda included: a Curriculum Institute update, an Assessment Report schedule, Program Snapshots and more. A video recording of the meeting is available for viewing.

Greenwich High School Food Drive Honors September 11

GHS students held their annual Food Drive to honor the lives of those lost on September 11, 2001. With the help of the GHS Roots & Shoots Club and Heroes Club, students and staff collected non-perishable, non-expired food items. Donations were collected throughout the day and displayed in the middle of the Student Center as a memorial. All donations went to the Neighbor-to-Neighbor food pantry serving our community.

GHS Students collect non-perishable food items for annual 9/11 Food Drive

Projects Update

GHS Soil Remediation:

A summary of the update is below, or read the full update:

  • Comprehensive site investigation is winding down although environmental monitoring will continue. The Town met with the CTDEEP and EPA in mid-August to review findings of the environmental investigation, respond to regulator questions and discuss the upcoming phases of remediation.
  • An updated site-wide Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is being prepared and will be submitted to the CTDEEP and EPA in the fall of 2019. Regulatory review of the site-wide RAP and coordination with the regulators will occur throughout 2019 and early 2020.
  • The next phase of remediation, expected to occur during the summer break of 2020, will focus on supporting renovation of athletic Fields 6 and 7.

What's Happening at WMS?

The October 2019 meeting to discuss the Greenwich High School fields will provide guidance on planning for Western Middle School fields. An update will be shared when ready.

Upcoming events across the District

Elementary Schools Open House
Thurs., Sept. 12 • Time by school
All Elementary Schools

Greenwich High School Varsity Football Home Opener
Sat., Sept. 14 • 4:00pm
Cardinal Stadium

Board of Education - Business Meeting
Thurs., Sept. 19 • 7:00pm
New Lebanon School

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