The Vietnam War

The most Traumatic experience for America

How it started

It started incrementally, or not sudden it was caused by North Vietnam fighting against viet Cong to reunify comunisim, and the US joined in the 50s and 60s to stop spreading comunisim.

Differences 1900 to 2000

The Vietnam war was a traumatic experience for the USA, it took place in 4 places not including the US but just knowing than there were thousands of US solders in those places not knowing of they are ok. It would be very different living during the Vietnam War because they didn't have the technology we have now like iPhones and good radios. Today there greedy children asking for another iPad or iPhone etc. And back then people had a radio that you could barely hear and they made use of it, now days Someone would go out and buy a 200$ radio and then might not like it that is just a little background behind the technology differences.


The similarities in wars today that we still have technology and the technology for them is much better, I mean almost everyone in this room would rather have the brand-new phone then a 1952 phone.