Duke Tip

Want to learn more about Duke Tip 4-6 and 7?

Duke TIP

Monday, Sep. 10th, 6-7pm

605 East 7th Street

Prosper, TX

Traci Guidry, the Southwest Regional Manager for Duke TIP, will present on the the Duke Tip 4th-6th grade and Duke Tip 7th grade programs.

Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying academically talented youth and providing innovative programs to support the development of their potential. Students are identified for participation using a Talent Search Model. Duke TIP’s Talent Search department works with schools to identify students who are invited to participate. The program uses test scores (grade-level standardized achievement, IQ tests, or state assessments) to identify the students. If the student attended Prosper schools last year, we will use STAAR and CogAT (4th graders) to identify students. If you are new to Prosper ISD, we will see if the scores provided to us by your previous district meet the qualifying criteria. Counselors notify parents of students who meet the Duke TIP qualifying criteria. Parents can then choose to enroll their children in the Duke TIP program.