Introducing the Warcraft game

World of Warcraft, often abbreviated as WoW, whose original game was Vanilla Wow, in fact World of Warcraft Classic is a remake of the Vanilla Wow experience, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Found and published on November 23, 2004. On Warcraft's 10th anniversary, it is the fourth game released in the Warcraft universe three years after its announcement on September 2, 2001, and takes place four years after the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Currently, the original version of this game can be run on the server of the creator of this game, Blizzard, and you can enter the servers of this game by purchasing game time ( خرید گیم تایم ) which you have to charge monthly.

The first step in WoW training for newcomers is the first step where you have to make your most difficult and basic choice during the entire game. Your first choice is the steps to create your first character. You must first choose your server, sect or group, race and category or class of your character.

So, up to this point, you are familiar with the character creation stage. Now let's get acquainted with some of its most used terms:

How to level up quickly in Warcraft?

If you want to level 70 quickly, you can buy the classic version of World of Warcraft ( ورلد اف وارکرفت نسخه کلاسیک ). In this case, you can make only one of your characters 70 and it doesn't matter if your level is 1 or 69, after using the character boost you want, that character will be 70, so we suggest that the character you boost is level 1.

What is the ping or exit log reduction service?

Ping reduction service or exit log removal ( رفع تحریم اگزیت لگ ) is one of the most important software used by professional gamers all over the world. You can reduce your ping in some games by using the ping reduction software. Ping reduction is the best tool for gamers. Another very interesting feature of this program is to unify your multiple internets! For example, you are connected to one Internet with Wi-Fi, and with it to another Internet, and with the exit log program, you can use both Internets at the same time and get a much better ping.

Common Warcraft terms

Add-on: A simple program added to the game to make some routine tasks easier. For example, there is an add-on to make missions easier. Or another plugin can change the user interface of the game!

AoE: This word stands for Area of Effect. Many of your character's abilities target a specific area, called an AoE.

AFK: Abbreviation of Away From Keyboard, which means away from the keyboard. This term means that the intended player is not behind the system!

Aggro: The abbreviation of the word Aggressive means to play aggressively. For example, if your teammates use this word, it means that they intend to attack the target location with all their strength.

Ankh: One of the capabilities of the Shaman class that can bring teammates back from the dead.

BC: In World of Warcraft, the word BC stands for Burning Crusade. This is the name of the first expansion pack of this game.

Blizz: refers to the name of the company that created the game, Blizzard.

Boss: Your tough enemies in the game are called. In fact, the Persian equivalent of this word is the giant of the last stage!

BRB: stands for Be Right Back. This sentence means "I will be back soon"!

Bot: A computer program that can perform routine human tasks. Many people use bots to collect resources automatically. Of course, Blizzard has strict rules in this matter and the possibility of using bots in new versions has become much less.

Buff: A positive ability that you can use to boost teammates. In fact, any ability that can be used by allies is called a buff.

Camping: Ambush to hunt an enemy is called Camping!

Caster: Characters who use magic to hit the enemy are called Caster.

CD: stands for Cooldown and means the time required to charge a feature.

Conquest Points: If you participate in PvP events, the World of Warcraft game offers you a currency called Conquest Points as a reward. Using this currency, you can buy very important items from stores all over the game world.

Critters: In general, the meaning of this word is the blackness of the army. Non-aggressive creatures spread throughout the world of Warcraft that can be killed with one hit.

DC: Abbreviation of the word Disconnect and means disconnection from the Internet.

Debuff: This word is the opposite of Buff and means to remove the positive effect of teammates.

DK: It stands for Death Night, one of the classes in the game.

DMG: Abbreviation of the word Damage and means hitting the enemy.

DnD: stands for Do Not Disturb and means "do not disturb"!

DPS: stands for Damage Per Second and means hits per second. Also, the characters who deal a lot of damage to the enemy in a short time are called DPS. For example, a Mage class character can become a very powerful DPS.

Drop: The items you get from killed creatures are called Drop.

Exploit: Using a flaw in the game structure to your advantage is called Exploit. Basically, using these errors will cause your account to be closed.

Farming: Killing various creatures to get resources is called Farming. Basically, the process of farming is always an iterative process, because the ultimate goal is to get resources.

FPS: The amount of frame rate produced by your graphics card is called Frame Per Second or FPS. This term is related to the power of the graphics card in running games and has nothing to do with the game itself.

GG: It stands for Good Game and is said at the end of every hand as a sign of respect to the opponent.

Guild: In the game World of Warcraft, it means clan and is a place for players to gather.

HF: It stands for Have Fun and is said at the beginning of the match to respect the opponent.

HOR: stands for Hall of Reflection. This place is known as the capital of the Lich King and the ice throne is also located in this place.

IDC: The abbreviation of i Don't Care means not to care.

IDK: stands for I Don't Know.

IRL: stands for In Real Life and means anything in the real world.

Kite: means to take out one of the bosses or enemy forces. It also sometimes refers to killing the same force.

Latency: This word is a measure to measure the quality of the Internet and has nothing to do with the concepts of the World of Warcraft game. This word refers to the delay of an Internet to send and receive information from the server.

Loot: Looting the corpses killed by you is called looting. This whole process means getting new resources from the corpses of your enemies.

MMO: stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. This word is said in the style of games like World of Warcraft, where many players are connected to a server and freely compete with each other.

NPC: stands for Non-Player Character and refers to characters in the game that are controlled by the computer.

Nerf: Features that are weakened by game developers are called Nerf.

Noob: It is aimed at weak and inexperienced users. Also, sometimes this word is used to make fun of people.

MMORPG: stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and means online role-playing games similar to this game.

Nuke: Abilities that can inflict a huge amount of damage to the enemy in one second are called Nuke. Also, the classes that have this capability are called Nuker.

Party: A small group of teammates who experience the game collectively.

Patch: Game updates to fix bugs or add new features are called patches.

Pew Pew: In general, characters that hit the enemy are called Pew Pew characters! (In English, the word Pew Pew is called the sound of a gun!)

PowerLeveling: Some people go straight to raising their level in the lowest possible time instead of focusing on getting different items. This process is called Power Leveling! Basically, the people who use this method have mastered all the game mechanics and are just trying to quickly bring a new character to the last possible level.

PTR: stands for Public Test Realm and refers to the servers where the details of the new update are tested to fix the problems before the final release.

PvE: stands for Player vs Environment, which refers to battles between the player and computer-controlled forces.

PvP: stands for Player vs Player and refers to the battle between players.

Raid: In this game, several different parties that follow the same mission are called Raid group.

Spec: It is called the capabilities in the character's skills section. World of Warcraft players can invest in certain skills to increase their character's power in that area.

Tank: Characters who can withstand a lot of damage are called tanks. This term is used for all role-playing games.

Threat: This word literally means threat. In the World of Warcraft game, when fighting bosses and other creatures in the game world, they always attack the strongest enemy with the highest threat. That's why it's so important to know which of your players has the highest Threat level before attacking a boss.

Vanilla Wow: It is called the first version of the World of Warcraft game. In fact, World of Warcraft Classic recreates the Wow Vanilla experience.

Wotlk: stands for Wraith of the Lich King and refers to the second expansion pack of this game.

So you can enjoy playing the game on the Blizzard site after buying wow game time ( گیم تایم wow ) and creating a character.

You must have heard the name of Dragon Flight many times. During Jiller's failure in Shadowland, Blizzard unveiled its new expansion or Expansion 10 on April 30, Blizzard unveiled a new add-on package for World of Warcraft called Dragon Flight.

With the arrival of the Dragon Flight expansion, you can explore the complete world of World of Warcraft dragons and learn about them. You can have one month of game time, a pet, a fearmug head, a transmug ball and a toy by purchasing the original version of Dragon Flight ( خرید دراگون فلایت ) and start playing.