Dear partners and volunteers,

Our new project VOLUNTEER - STEP FORWARD is related to the hosting two /2/ Volunteers from Italy in Association NAVIGATOR, in the city of Pazardjik, Bulgaria.

NGO "NAVIGATOR" was founded on 20.03.2012 as a non-profit organization for public benefit. The core idea of the organization is to promote voluntary initiatives at the local, regional and national level and work to support the development and implementation of the European dimension in Bulgaria. The mission of the Association is promotion of volunteerism and the realization of voluntary work for the benefit of society. To achieve its mission, the organization assists and supports the implementation of the necessary social, economic and legal reforms. Values of the organization are based on the European dimension of humanism and respect for human rights, the preservation and enrichment of human virtues and respect for the human person. Important value for the organization’s spiritual and intellectual development of the personality of the Bulgarians;

Duration:12 months

/from 01/03/2016to 28/02/2017/

Deadline for application – 20 January 2016

Please send us your CV and motivation letter to the email: evs@navigatorr.org


NAVIGATOR has been active in delivering projects for youth in the Pazardjik region. We have regularly available high speed internet access, several computers, and office and meeting space. But probably our greatest asset is our dedicated management staff, who created NAVIGATOR to educate young people in civil society engagement. Our Chairman and Project Coordinator have considerable experience working with young volunteers. We enjoy good relationships with government leaders, other NGOs, educational institutions and national youth and NGO organisations.

An EVS volunteer will have the opportunity to learn about how a NAVIGATOR NGO functions and how youth can create and implement different project ideas. If EVS volunteers has their very own project ideas, as NAVIGATOR we are always ready to support them in organizing activities, show the best ways of project implementation and provide them with ways of finding funds for project realization. NAVIGATOR will introduce volunteers with local donors work and expand their worldview about these issues. An EVS volunteer can work with our community youth on numerous projects and activities to learn important organisational, project/activity planning, management, and leadership skills. We have an active group that periodically organises flash-mobs to bring attention to various specific issues and to community youth generally. An EVS volunteer can work with this team to organise these events, engage youth in planning and implementing the events, and doing public relations for the events. We are in the process of creating a volunteer club that will engage youth from the local schools as well as other young people from the community. An EVS volunteer can work with that club to help organise trainings, conduct public relations, and facilitate the debates. We have an active group of bloggers and periodically conduct trainings and other events to increase their skills in this area. An EVS volunteer can learn about blogging from these young people. An EVS volunteer can learn how to make web page, newsletter, video about EVS and other promotional materials using the program as: coreldraw, indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Movie Maker and t.c. We hope to implement a youth camp in the Pazardjik area. An EVS volunteer can help to organise and run the camp for people with disabilities. An EVS volunteer will also be able to develop his/her own projects/activities with the help of our staff. We support people with disabilities and the volunteers can help us organize games, events for them in center for people with disabilities.

The volunteer will take an active part in the different ongoing projects and will be involved in most of the activities and services the NGO NAVIGATOR offers:

  • He/She will help the young people visiting our officeto find the information they need, answer their questions and help them to find information on the Internet.
  • He/She will have to collect and distribute any kind of information concerning young people (like working abroad, travelling, education and scholarship, employment, jobfinding). The volunteer should be prepared to look for information about all kinds of subjects related to the young people and present it in an adequate and attractive way (on paper, on our Website, at exhibitions in the centre).
  • Research and spreading of information material, updating the web page and database (infosheets and leaflets on various topics).
  • Dealing with demands of young people and consulting them via mail or phone.
  • Contributing to the organisation of small information events in the youth information centre, in schools and in youth center (about the European Volunteer Service, work and travel…).
  • Assistance (to the members of the staff) in preparing and organising local participation projects and international project with young people. In this frame the volunteer will be in contact with all the components of youthrepresentatives and structures of the region and will assist in elaborating the programme, finding partners, sending of invitations, leading a thematical workshop etc.).
  • S/he will take part in the team-meetings where the activities are planned and evaluated.
  • The volunteer will work five days a week, 6 hours a day. The volunteer will also have regular language training. S/he will usually have the weekends off and will have two days ofholiday per month.
  • He/She will help the young people with disabilities to play games, dancing, painting.
  • The volunteer will work on newsletter, blog, website and brochures.
  • The volunteer can also develop and work on an own project with the support of the mentor.

Our future volunteer should be interested in working with young people and outright in interaction with young people. He/She should be flexible and capable of teamwork as well as of working with his/her own ideas in a creative and independent way. Elementary English and basic knowledge of computers and the internet are expected (to ensure that the communication between the volunteer and the young people is possible) Professional or specialized knowledge is not required. We are open to work with any sending organisation.

For more information and questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Petko Petkov


Bulgaria, Pazardjik 4400, str.”Stojan Angelov 63

e-mail: evs@navigatorr.org


Deadline for application – 20 January 2016

Please send us your CV and motivation letter to the email: evs@navigatorr.org