Freshmen Fall Counselor Meetings

Class of 2021

Items that will be covered today

  1. Who is my counselor, how do I talk with them and what do they do?
  2. High School Counts: Taking the Right Classes, What does a transcript look like, what is on it and how is a GPA calculated?
  3. Graduation Requirements
  4. Monitor your progress on StudentVue
  5. Planning for the Future
  6. School Resources and Advocating for Yourself
  7. Getting Involved: School Activities
  8. Your Learning Style

The SCHS Counselors

Mr. Carlin (A & So-Z)

Mrs Caggins (B-Ch)

Mrs. Veeser (Ci-Ho)

Mrs. Wilson (Hu-Mi)

Ms. Sorentino (Mo-Sn)

What can my Counselor help me with?

  • Counselors track your class credits & grades
  • Provide information on academic assistance (studentVue, tutors, AC etc.)
  • Facilitate career tests (EDPs)
  • Assist you in career and college planning
  • Help students transition to high school, college, work
  • Communicate with students, teachers and parents
  • Help students problem solve
  • Help students deal with conflict that takes place with friends, teachers, or family


What you share with your counselor is confidential.

Exceptions are: if there is potential harm to yourself or anyone else, or if abuse is suspected.

What is included on your transcript?

The BIG 3


-Numbers of Credits earned

-Courses Taken and Semester grades

Transcript Example

Big image

Calculating GPA

Letter grades are given numerical value. Total your points and divide by the number of grades you included.

A = 4.0

A- = 3.7

B+ = 3.3

B = 3.0

B- = 2.7

C+ = 2.3

C = 2.0

C- = 1.7

D+ = 1.3

D = 1.0

D- = 0.7

E = 0.0

Total / 6 = GPA

note: a 1.25 multiplier is applied to AP classes

GPA EXAMPLE on board


It is recommended that students check studentvue at least once or twice a week to be aware of grading and assignment completion.

Making High School Count

Looking ahead…..

Colleges look at your:


Rigor in your courses

ACT/SAT score

Extracurricular activities

Overview: Making high school count

What types of GPA's are colleges looking for?

Some examples:

Oakland University: 3.4

Michigan State University: 3.5-3.9(middle range)

University of Michigan: 3.87

Graduation Requirements

22 credits are required to graduate

Minimum Core classes:

English: 4 years

Social Studies: 3 years

Science: 3 years

Math: 4 years

Foreign Language: 2 years

Other courses include:

PE & Health or Wellness 1 & 2: 1 year

VPAA: 1 year


Learning Style Inventory

Interested in learning about how you to take in information, optimal ways to study and strategies during in class?

Go to

Sign in: Username: rcs-"school computer username"

Password: your password you created last year, see counselor if you need it

Planning for Your Future -Resources

  • Educational Development Plans (EDP’s) on Career Cruising
  • College Night October 24, 6:00-7:30 at Stoney Creek HS register online
  • Standardized Testing: PSAT Test in April: Counselors help you interpret your results.
  • Other tests you can look forward to taking: ACT, SAT (Resources are available to help you prepare.)

Freshmen Tips


Don’t wait if there is a problem, ASK FOR HELP right away!

Homework can make it or break it!

It is important to do your homework carefully and completely.

If you do not understand or comprehend some material- don’t ignore it! Ask or get help!

Who should you ask for help?

  • Teachers
  • Counselor
  • Academic Learning Center*
  • Parents

* Open at 7:00 am and at lunch.

  1. NHS Tutors: there are NHS tutors available in all of your core subjects (and some other classes). Please ask your teacher when the tutors are available.
  2. District Adult Tutor List: scroll down to bottom on page to view the PDF.

2. Get Involved at SCHS

Check out Student Activities webpage

Club Examples

Anime Club

Art Club

Business Professionals/America

Dance Team

Earth Advocates

Equestrian Team

French/French NHS

German Club

Improv Club

Inline Hockey

Key Club

Math Club

Mountain Biking Club

NHS – National Honor Society

National Art Honor Society


Rotary Interact

Ski/Snowboard Club

Spanish/Spanish NHS

SC Theatre Company

Athletic Teams and Information

Final Thoughts

  1. Think positive
  2. Keep your eye on the "prize" -your GOALS.
  3. Have fun and get involved
  4. Give your self breaks but don't slack
  5. Make positive and healthy choices
  6. Manage your stress
Managing Stress - Brainsmart - BBC

Complete "Who am I?"

Welcome New Cougars- Class of 2020

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