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Caractéristiques géographique

  • Rich soil
  • Flat, low altitude plains with cray and limestone
  • Sien
  • Marne
  • Aube
  • Meuse
  • Ardenne montagne


East of the Paris region, one of the great historic provinces of France. A rich agricultural area.

The region is made up essentially of areas of relatively flat agricultural land and areas of gently undulating hills. The hills are higher and more pronounced in the north of the region - the area of the Ardennes - and the south of the region, an area known as the Plateau de Langres.

Central Champagne

central part of Champagne is an important agricultural area, with vast expanses of cereal production, and – in particular north of Reims – production of vegetables and sugar beet. In the north of the Ardennes department, the landscape is characterised by wooded hills and valleys.

Caves de Champagne

Popular attractions-

  • Champagne cellars visits (51): at Rheims and at Epernay. Travel underground and see how the precious product is matured.
  • Charleville Mézières (08): capital of the Ardennes department, birthplace of the poet Rimbaud. Old town.
  • Colombey les Deux Eglises . village with the country residence of General de Gaulle, who is buried here.

Industry and Agriculture

  • Agriculture has been of importance in Champagne Ardenne economy for a long time (61,4% of the land is today dedicated to farming), foremost to produce the Champagne that faces a huge demand growth from emergent countries.
  • The Champagne wine region is synonynous with very fine wines. Champagne is the most famous wine producing region of France and produces some of the most wonderful wines in the world, including those labelled with the AOC approved stamp.
  • Other famous gastronomic specialities having made the reputation of Champagne Ardenne are the delicious Andouillettes from Troyes, cheeses and local game cooked with sauces.
  • The Champagne Ardenne economy is also governed by the industry sector, mainly specializing in the metallurgy sector.
  • The economic vigour of the region can also be explained by its touristic qualities. Champagne Ardenne is not one of the favourite destination for all the travellers and holidaymakers, but it has plenty to offer



Festival of Joan of Arc held in Reims, where Joan of Arc brought Charles VII for his coronation. During the festival, medieval-style markets selling craft goods and old world food items line the streets near the famous cathedral. On a smaller scale, the Henry IV Festival in Ay honors King Henry IV in a biennial July fair of costumes, parades, and of course, Champagne tastings.