Wichita Indians

By:Kyle Smith


The Wichita Indians lived in the great plains of Texas after they moved from Oklahoma.

Food they ate

The Wichita Indians grew corn and squash. They also planted plum trees and hunted buffalo.

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How they got there food

The Wichita Indians were very good farmers but at times they would hunt and eat buffalo. They would eat whatever they could get.

Type of dwelling they lived in

The Wichita Indians lived in beehive shaped houses. The houses that the men used to go hunting with are called teepees.

Weapons and tools they used

The weapons they used included bow and arrow and war clubs with hide shields.
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Special traditions or religion

Some traditions were to get a lot of tattoos and piercings. They also braided and oiled the woman's hair and men wore there hair long.

Orginazation or leadership

They had council circles which were ceremonial structures

Where are they right now

They are located in Caddo county Oklahoma.

unique fact

They made pottery and bead jewelry. The Wichita are still around today.
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