Celtic cross



The Celtic originated in Ireland and its influenece spread from Celts to British, then to Scots and Germans.Finally to father places Americans in the west and Russians in the east.

The Crossess influence

As you wear the Celtic cross,you feel like you are in the historic battles fought by the Celtics a long time ago.And a long time ago Saint Patrick carved the first ever Celtic cross two thousand years ago.

The arts of the Cross

To look atone,the cross has arts that represent different meaning.The leaf clover stands for good luck or bad luck,the rose stands for love you have for someone,and the skull stands for hate and war.


The Celtic cross originnated in Ireland and its influcene spread from Celts to british,Scots to Germans, then finally to father places like Americans in the west and Russains in the east.I wonder what what St. Patrick was thinking when he carved the first Celtic cross.