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5 mobile apps for the classroom


Pinterest is a fantastic app for my Art students. This app will allow them to build a collection of inspirations for projects, ideas, and concepts. The students would also be able to use the app to send potential inspirations to their classmates, and to look at the things that their classmates are posting aswell. This would be useful in any style of project.


iMovie is an app used on Apple devices which can be used to record, edit, and share videos. I would use this application in my Art class for my students to create and record an abstract performance piece, making sure to speak about filming techniques, and performing art. The students could edit this to completion, then upload it straight to Youtube from there.

Paper by 53

Paper is a very useable tool for everyone using an iPad. With this tool you can do drawings, edit photos, take nots, make checklists, and arrange all your ideas into groups. I would use this application in my classroom for each student to keep track of their projects, and also of their ideas. This tool would help them insert an inspiring idea, and do some research on the subject, then compile all the information. It is possible to share your groupings of ideas with others aswell. It is a great tool for organizing ideas of all sorts.


ThingLink is a super interactive way to express ideas, lessons, entertainment, and basically anything using pictures. On your pictures you can interactively imbed other photos, text, sound, video, and links. This would be a fantastic app to use as a presentation creator for me the teacher, and also for the students.


Wordpress is a fantastic place to create a business site, or a blog. Easy to use, straightforward, and it always looks good. I would use this application for my students to blog about adventures on their long weekends and breaks. I would challenge them to adventure in some way or another, and then share their adventures as inspiration for their artwork, aswell as inspiration to others, their peers and classmates etc. This style of project would push the students to take advantage of their situations and surroundings, and then express their interactions. This would would eliminate boredom, and give the younger generation a more interactive look on life, which will be goof for their health as well.