Last Summer Vacation

Abigail Lozano

Last summer me and my family went to the biggest water park in Texas. We drove about five hours to get to the water park. As soon as we got to the water park I jumped out of the car and looked at the water park and all of its slides. We checked in and got all our stuff down and headed to the entrance.

When we entered the water park we all got a tube and went through the lazy river. We were all so happy for this vacation. I went on this ride with my sisters, it was called the Black Whole, once you got on the ride you couldn't see anything.

After all the rides we were all exhausted and tired we went to our cabin in front of the water park and we ate dinner and the people that worked at the water park told us that since we got a cabin we got to stay in the water park a little longer. So me and my sisters decided we should go through the lazy river again.

The next day we woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and packed our stuff in the car and headed home to see my cousins in Dallas. When I got to Dallas I told my cousins how fun the water park was and all the fun things we did and all the huge rides they had. After I was done telling them they said that all of our family should go.

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