Molina Matters

Week of May 2nd to 6th

Molina Feeder Pattern Vision:

"In the Molina Feeder Pattern, we collaboratively empower all to have a direct impact on the success of every student."

Molina Feeder Pattern Mission:

"The Molina Feeder Pattern exists to develop well-rounded student-leaders who are empowered by their education and use it as a tool to recognize their fullest potential. We do this by setting and driving toward ambitious goals for campuses, campus leaders, educators, and students."

Feeder Pattern News

Team Molina,

We celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this entire week! On behalf of the Molina Support Team, Rita, Alexandra, Cris and I, we wish all teachers a week filled with fun surprises and expressions of gratitude for helping students realize their dreams!

Continue to be hyper-focused on three main priorities at your schools:

1. Quality Instruction - I will be conducting random spot observations at all schools. Please be highly vigilant in reviewing lesson plans to ensure that new TEKS are being taught. This is the time of the year when teachers tend to "spiral in" TEKS that need to be re-taught and may not have time to cover new ones.

2. Student interventions/Progress Monitoring - I will verify the quantity and quality of student interventions, i.e. After school and Saturday school attendance documentation sign-in sheets, tutoring lesson plans, quality of intervention resources, etc.

3. Action plan mapping - I am excited to witness the mapping strategies you're using to involve your campus staff in mapping out the remainder of the Spring semester priorities and mapping your school priorities for 2016-2017.

Thank you y mil gracias!


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Congratultions to Garza ECHS, 5 out of the Ten district students named Dell Foundation scholarship recipients

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Mind Works Donation to Cochran Elementary

Mind Works has donated once before and with that donation was an abundance of school supplies, educational games for the students and supplies for the art teacher.

This donation consisted of more school supplies , games and books for the classrooms and library.

The church that has helped to get this going is the Gathering Church on Furlong just down the street from Nancy J Cochran. Mr. and Mrs. Marco Luna have done so much for the school. Not only have they volunteered their time and energy to the school but working alongside in getting donors like Mind Works to donate the school supplies to us. Also, another get connection that they have supplied the school with is Food for the Soul. This is a backpack program that helps our students be able to have something to eat on the weekends.

Names of individuals in the pictures (From left to right):

Group Picture 1

Marco Luna – Pastor for Gather Church

Kim Luna – Gathering Church

Silvia Vasquez- Volunteer

Martha Esquivel – Assistant Principal l

Melissa Gonzalez – Principal

Taylor Turman – Mind Works

Raúl Peña – Executive Director

Group 2

Marco Luna – Pastor for Gather Church

Kim Luna – Gathering Church

Realeen Herrera – Parent Liaison

Martha Esquivel – Assistant Principal

Melissa Gonzalez – Principal

Taylor Turman – Mind Works

Raúl Peña – Executive Director

Instructional Corner News

From our Academic Facilitator Rita and Alex,

As always, please review your outlook calendar invite notes for specific meeting items.

Major leverage points for the week:

In order to provide transitional reading data for Stockard and Molina, we will begin hosting conversations specific to 5th grade/8th grade reading levels and trending data and how we can support student transitions into middle and high school.

CIC please review the Summer P2LD FAQ. Some CICs have begun getting questions about Summer PD. Please review the document in preparation to support our teachers.

Below are snapshot of our calendars for the week.

Rita's Schedule:

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Alex's Schedule:

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Kudos to Cowart CIC, Ms. Tamez!

Last week AFs were able to collaborate on, provide feedback to and observe implementation of SSI plans. Ms. Tamez did an exceptional job at providing intervention support to her campus with an engaging, focused small group reteach sessions. While it is always ALL HANDS ON DECK across our feeder, Ms. Tamez' material creation and coplanning with teachers deserves major KUDOS!
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Chancery Procedure for Identifying and Retaining Students - Elementary & Middle School Principals Counselors Data Controllers

Office Manager Corner

Please support your principals by ensuring that these items are delivered in a timely manner. We appreciate your hard work in ensuring your campus' success!

Important Reminder on Cash Receipting Procedures for Activity Funds -All Principals, Office Managers, Financial Clerks, Campus Employee/Sponsors

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Team Molina Feeder Pattern Leadership

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