Kindergarten Hoppenings

Ms. Williams' class March 20, 2015

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • March 27th - Sock Hop!

  • April 1st - PTO Meeting 6:30 pm in the CRES Library

  • April 3rd - Snow Make up day-school in session

  • April 4th-April 11th - Spring Break

  • April 17th- Talent Show 7:00 pm

  • April 30th - School Play: Harry Potter 6:30 pm

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily


The children will be participating in fun learning activities centered around St. Patrick’s Day. Today they created a leprechaun trap. First the students made a plan and then built their traps. We are excited to see if we can catch a leprechaun tomorrow!


During math time we have begun learning about subtraction. The students are learning that when they subtract they end up with a smaller number and that they are finding the difference between the two numbers. We play fun dice games called Move it and a Bunch of fun to practice this skill. Below is a fun youtube video about subtraction that they enjoy watching.
When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)


The children continue to enjoy reading on the Raz-kids website! This is a great way to practice reading books that are just the right level for them. Don't forget you can access this website from home. Please see the website section of the newsletter for the link.


What a fun Community Night! I hope you enjoyed learning about your child's leprechaun trap and the Keva planks. Also the mustache making station and the photo booth were a lot of fun! Thank you to all who came and donated their time or supplies.


We welcomed a new class pet to our classroom. Our fish! We don't have a name yet, but I'm sure we will come up with one soon. The children have been enjoying watching him swim around his new home!

Glow Run information!

Websites that we use! free online coloring username-crozet; password-star (only can be accessed until 5:00pm) learning site for all content areas reading website reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name) password: crozetk2014 math website

Apps that we use!


Touch write

Letter School

Tizzy Alphabet letters

Sparky the Fire Dog

Glow draw

Geo boards