team sanford

sept 19

Blog Purpose

One purpose of the blog is to highlight instruction throughout the building. I hope that as you look at the pictures, you are able to reflect on your own room and recognize that you have these elements in your room OR it provides some next step ideas for you to get something established in your room. You can also visit Smore and see all of the blogs I produce each week to provide an ongoing discussion and reflection of instructional ideas.

This week I am able to highlight reading in classrooms (using RAZ KIDS, Interactive Achievement, and a pair of students discussing text on the smartboard);

Curling up with a good book (authentic, comfortable places for students to read); and

Collaboration in classrooms (students should have ample time to talk, communicate, and interact with the curriculum).

Reading in classrooms

Curl up with a good book. Many of us have a place at home where we curl up with a good book. Where in your room can students authentically curl up with a good book?


Walk-through on Tuesday

We may have visitors in the building from 9am-11am.

Things we would look for in classrooms:

Learning Environment and What motivates students to learn:

  • Students communicating/interacting with each other;
  • Hands-on learning activities;
  • Use of technology;
  • Authentic learning activities;
  • Students reading;
  • Students writing;

As you design student work, continue to think about the Examples and Non-examples of Student Engagment. I have posted some of the products from our work session on student engagement in August on Sharepoint. Also, think about what you see in the blog each week and reflect on those engagement activities being in your classroom.

Sunshine Committee and the Snack-In

The sunshine committee will be hosting the first snack-in on Tuesday at 3. All grade levels will be assigned a different location for their PD (see below) therefore starting at 3:00 you may grab a snack from the Teacher’s Lounge and head to your designated location to begin @ 3:15. The sunshine committee will have a Nacho Bar and Desserts available. Remember this is a SNACK not a meal. Please be mindful that there are approximately 70 employees that will be indulging in this snack. Also, there will be can soda and can tea for purchase for 50 cents. The proceeds will go to social committee so that we can have breakfast, lunch, snacks, and various goodies available throughout the year for you all. We will be using the honor system and ask that you put the 50 cents in the jar/can that will also be in the teaches lounge. Have a great day!

Ashley Nemo, Chairperson Sunshine Committee

Playbook Day Tuesday

Schedule---please be in your location by 315. I will begin dismissal about two minutes earlier on Tuesday (2:48), in an effort to get you through the snack line and into your session by 315.

  • Grades K and 1: RAZ Kids in room 23 (facilitated by Shannon Floyd)
  • Grades 2 and 3: Vertical Planning around Word Analysis (facilitated by Amanda Hartman and Fiona Crawshaw; location is Hartman's room)
  • Grades 4 and 5: Vertical Planning: Reading Block Structures (facilitated by Catherine Footer in Olson's room)
  • Resource Teachers: How to support Reflections Program (facilitated by Heidi Bogan in the library)

upcoming EVENTS

Sept 22-23 Teacher Laptop Refresh (see Shannon Floyd emails for more info)

Sept 23 Classroom walkthroughs by NNPS central office 9am-11am

Sept 23 Playbook Day 3:00-4:00 (including snacks by Sunshine Team)

Sept 25 Lockdown Drill 9AM

Sept 29 Spirit Day/Night at Beef O'Bradys

Sept 30 Cumulative Folder Review sheet due

Oct 1 Title I schedules due (signed, hard copy to Jackie)

Oct 1 Lead Team meeting (all meetings open to all) 7am

Oct 1 MP1 Interim ends

Oct 6 Interims go home (information forthcoming on interim process this year)

Oct 9 Conference Night

Oct 10 1/2 day for students

Oct 13 Picture Day

Oct 16 2nd Playbook WorK afternoon (all days through May are posted)