Advanced Personalized Learning

Created By : Veronica McVey

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning is a way to make learning easier and more effective by solving the needs of each individual learner


~ Introduces students to an easier access to their interests

~ Provides students information that can be retained due to conditions given in

~ Helps students achieve success

~ Based on mass customization

Teaching students by adjusting for their needs and focusing heavily on equity, and ensuring that all students get the chance to succeed


Schools and Technology

  • No access to technology
  • A set plan or action is not determined
  • Complications with change in school systems



  1. Insight into the mind
  2. Analyzed data of standard testing
  3. Interaction between groups of students


  • More then one location to be educated
  • Engagement in interests and skills
  • Students take an active role in their education
  • New abilities with technology
  • Interaction with teachers and other students
  • Creates a more stable and collaborative classroom environment
Veronica McVey, Engineering Design