By Korbin Yauk


  • My theme was perseverance, many characters in the book had to face difficult times. Sounder had to survive on his own after being severely wounded by a gunshot. The mother had to cope with the lose of her spouse. The boy's father had to stay strong after being arrested and also being severely injured. The boy, the main character, was able to persevere and look for his father day and night

Jackie Robinson

  • The summary of the article that I read, was about how Jackie Robinson showed perseverance, in the fact that he broke baseball's color barrier to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. As a talented player, he won the National League Rookie of the Year. He also went to the World series six times. He showed perseverance again because, he still played baseball, even with many people discouraging him. “The courage and grace with which Robinson handled the abuses inspired a generation of African Americans to question the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ and helped pave the way for the Civil Rights Movement.”- Much evidence is shown in the article of how it fits the theme. It shows how Jackie Robinson still played baseball even with the barriers of color. He paved the way for other “colored” people to play baseball and he helped many people remember that they had a right to be free


Video of pet/human relationship

The Summary of the video was that, it shows how both humans and animals evolved a relationship between themselves and how they grew over time. It also somewhat explained how that came to be. Now, over half of us have non-human animals in our house. Some people even go far enough to start treating them like human infants. Many of us also find that the animals can be comforting and help with depression. Like Sounders master, it described how many people care for their pets as if they were children.

The Anticipation Guide

  • My opinion of the statement "Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety." is that I, agree 100%, hands down. We are all the same species (Homo Sapien Sapiens) correct? So why should anybody else be treated specially. I believe we all should have the rights to basic needs. I mean, why shouldn't we?

Relationships between 'A Father, Daughter, and Dog' and 'Sounder'

  • The article 'A Father, Daughter, and Dog' and the book 'Sounder' have many relationships between them. Both gained a large relationship with their pets and both of the owners died and the dogs came back to tell the men’s children. Though they also show differences. The father in 'A Father, Daughter, and Dog' had to take in Cheyenne, because of depression and Cheyenne was in worse shape than Sounder in 'Sounder' ever was.


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The Line Between People And Pets