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Welcome to the Pirate Patch

The Pirate Patch will be used to communicate the great instructional and leadership happenings of PMES to our Pickett's Mill community. This format will be used in conjunction with the Blackboard Connect communication system to keep everyone informed and updated.

Roller Coaster Physics

Fourth grade students from Ms. Miller's class learned what it takes to make a marble travel over hills and through loops during STEM lab with Ms. Misinco. This group added a special touch...a gap in the track for the marble to traverse.

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Immigration Day Experience

Fix It Felix!

Students in Ms. Rooke's and Mr. LaBroad's class use a "hard" hat and Big Bopper when solving complex problems on the SmartBoard. Students synergize and help each other work through challenging tasks.

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Bingo Night TONIGHT!

Join us TONIGHT from 6pm-8pm for our annual Bingo Night! We will have concessions available and you can also pre-order a whole pizza for your family! Please visit our school website for ordering information. Pizza orders are due December 10th.