Oak Room Newsletter

Week of Feb 1, 2016


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This week, as told by the Oaks:

We were planning and writing down our carnival ideas. It was our first dance class! At recess one side was plowed. Some snow was plowed. On our way to Sustainability we had to rush.

We did this chart of living animals and systems on the board. We did patterns for our carnival in Math. We read a new book about carnivals and museums.

We had music on during Writing Workshop. We did more pattern stuff in Math. Handyman Joe sent us mail.

Some people got to use the hermit crab in exploration. We went on a field trip and saw trains and busses. At the Transit Museum we got to make our own trains or busses.

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Weekends with Hermi

Hermi, our class pet, is very popular! The Oaks are excited about the chance to take him home over the weekends. Starting this weekend, Hermi can go home with Oaks on the weekend. Please note, it's not safe for Hermi to travel on the school bus. We will randomly draw names each week and contact families to make sure it's okay beforehand.
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The Oak Carnival

This week the Oaks made maps of the classroom and how the different areas will be transformed for our carnival as we start to plan the event. One friend brought a toy from home to see how the class felt about using it in the carnival. Next week we will continue the planning process. If you can help the Oaks with this project in any way please let us know!
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Clinton Hill Library

Please help your child to keep track of their books so they can return them when we go back to the library on Thursday, February 11th. The books are due on February 18th--you are welcome to return them on your own as well.
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Transit Museum

The Oaks had such an amazing time at the Transit Museum on Friday! Thank you to Kate A. and Ruben for chaperoning, and a BIG thank you to Ruben for sharing his expertise about the third rail with the class! We learned so much!
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Upcoming trips

We need two more chaperones for our trip to the Lowline Lab on Friday, 2/12. We will leave by school bus at 9:30AM and return no later than 1PM.

We need two chaperones for our trip to the Morgan Library and Museum on Friday 3/4. We will leave by school bus at 9:30AM and return no later than 1PM.

We need four chaperones for our trip to the Morgan Library and Museum on Thursday 3/10. We will leave by school bus at 9:30AM and return no later than 1PM.

Please email Pascale at pascale@brooklyncompass.org if you are interested!


In Writing Workshop we remembered the saying, "Once you're done, you've just begun!" that we learned last year. It helps us to remember to go back and add more to our books, or to start a new one on our own when we are ready. We worked on 2 for 1 sentences--writing two sentences to answer one question. We also worked on adding more details and techniques to our pictures to really teach our readers.

In Reading Workshop we got a package from Handyman Joe! It was a giant toolbox/chart for us to organize all of our tools for solving and checking hard words.

At home: Some children have been getting stuck trying to think of a new topic when they start a new book. Make a list of topics your child knows about with your child at home that they can keep in their writing folders.

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We started a new unit on patterns! This week we made different patterns we could use to decorate our carnival. We also used different body movements to create patterns. Lastly, we worked on figuring out what comes several steps beyond the visible part of a repeating pattern.

At home: Find patterns all around you. Discuss with your child what makes it a pattern. Create patterns together to music through dancing and movement.

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Contact Information

Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.