Massachusetts 54th Exhibit

A look at the Massachusetts 54th all african-american unit

Who were the Massachusetts 54th

The Massachusetts 54th was the first African-American unit lead by Colonel Shaw, they were the first to head into fort wagner.

This is a picture of the soldiers from the Massachusetts 54th

Training of the Massachusetts 54th

They learned hand to hand and how to use a gun quickly.

This is a picture of the Massachusetts 54th training.

Facing discrimination

They had to deal with some of the other soldiers who were discriminating against them by telling them that they will only do manual labor. And they were not getting the supplies that they needed.

The picture is of a white soldier talking to a soldier in the Massachusetts 54th

Their arrival in south carolina

They celebrated when they got to go somewhere for the first time.

Their 1st assignment in south carolina

They were told to collect valuables and burn the houses.

No fighting, just manuel labor for the 54th

They were supposed to cut down trees, carry the wood and build.

The picture shows the soldiers working

Their 1st battle assignment on James island

They went in in rows and beat the confederates without a lot of casualties.

A map of james island

The Massachusetts 54th volunteers for the attack on fort wagner

The first group that attacked would normally have a lot of casualties.

the picture shows a group of soldiers from the Massachusetts 54th

The attack on fort wagner

They went in to attack and a few people were killed on the way and they decided to stay in one place until morning, when they attacked they lost more than half of the soldiers that were fighting.

The outcome

The Massachusetts 54th fought well in the attempt to capture fort wagner but the reinforcements that were expected never arrived and the confederates had won fort wagner.

the picture shows fort wagner