Wild Fires

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Main issues of wild fires

One of the main problems of wild fires is that when forests burn down it destroys lots of habitats, which kills most wildlife. A wildfire can also spread to towns which can destroy human habitats too.

Negative effects on the environment

The smoke of wildfires can pollute the air. This can be harmful to all types of life. They can also destroy large areas of forest which can effect wildlife majorly.

Areas affected in the U.S.

Animals affected by wildfires

Any animal that has a habitat in an forest like bears, deer, and foxes. The reason forest fires affect these animals is because it destroys their homes and environment.

Could wildfires affect league city?

Yes wildfires can affect anywhere there is forest. People could be affected by this because wildfires can reach communities and destroy homes.

What causes wildfires?

Campfires that are left unattended can start a forest fire. Also lightning striking a tree can start a fire which could spread into a wildfire.

What solutions have been made?

Fire fighters hose down these fires with water. There isn't much made to prevent wildfires besides having rules on camping sites about fires.

My solution

My solution be to drop chemicals from a plane that would fireproof the trees. This chemical couldn't kill the trees or animals that live in the area. It also couldn't make the plants inedible. This could be implemented now if we could find a chemical that could do all of that.
Drone Flying in a Wildfire: Phantom in the Flames