Communication Tools for Geometry

Tre'Nee Brooks

Tools that will be used in and out of the classroom.

Since our school district has become one-to-one, meaning each student has their own laptop their will be more implementation of teachnology inside of my classroom. The tools that will be used in the classroom can also be used outside of the class. I would like for students to use these tools as extra resoures when they need additional assistance. The tools that we will be using are: Kahoot, an interactve quiz website, Illuminations, an interactive learning website and Math Open Reference, also an interactive learning website.


Kahoot is a new way to make assessments more enjoyable. I will create an assessment (quiz) on Kahoot and have the students take it in class. Students will work out each question and choose the appropiatie symbol that matches their answer on their electronic device. Students will gain points after each question, as well as the top 5 players will be displayed. Students are unaware of what answer choices other students are selecting which is good. Kahoot brings individual competition to the classroom, which makes the students become more enagaged then when taking an ordinary assessment. At the end of the assessment Kahoot creates a spreadsheet for, so that I can see what students were responding, thus I will know what material I may have to reteach.


I will be using Illuminations for students to see a visual of what we are learning in the classroom. Students will be able to use this website outside of my classroom when they are in need of extra assistance. They will be able to use interactive activities, which can help them to understand the content better.

Math Open Reference

Math Open Reference, is another visual learning tool that I will use in my classroom. Students will also be encouraged to use it outside of the classroom as another resource of assistance. I will use this interactive website to show students how to make constructions, and how functions change like trigonometry and quadratic functions. This website will give students a deeper understanding of many concepts that we will be learning.