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Drop Oliver k woodman to Calafornia

By Ashvik Rajeev

Drop Oliver k woodman to Calafornia

Do you know why you should pick up Oliver k. Woodman because you are helping a really nice person. Raymond was the one who made Oliver because his little cousin wanted him to visit this summer but he couldn't. He had to make cabinets. So he made a liver so he could go to Raymond's little cousin's house for the summer!

The best part!

Do you know what the best part of Oliver is? Well I can tell you! He is fun and you will have company!

Please help Oliver!

Some really good questions you could ask (these are the anwers for the questions).

So what one really good question is that if Oliver does get lost? Well I have researched and I saw that there is another book by the same author with Oliver getting lost.