Local High School Frenzy

By: Caroline G.

Background Story

Hi my name is Mrs. Stewart and I was told that a high school boy was suspended for singing the National Anthem at Harrison High School. I knew something as silly as this had to have a a background behind it. So I woke up one morning and got right to my doings. I was told that this little boy Philip Malloy was a suspended by his teacher Ms. Narwin and could not go back to school for three days, and get this. He was suspended for singing the National Anthem! Now I don't know about you but I find this extremely rude and dumb of his teacher to do this. Well here goes my journey to find the truth!

Journey Begins!

Dr. Seymour

I woke up around 9:30 on Saturday, March 31 ate my breakfast then began my journey. First person I called was Dr. Albert Seymour the Harrison High Superintendent. We began our conversation with a simple hello then began to talk about Philip. The first question that came to my mind was "Sir, does the Harrison School District have a rule that students are not allowed to sing "The National Anthem". He answered "Of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that?" I began to feel questioned and then asked more questions. From what I know now is that Dr. Seymour did not have such take in this situation.

Dr. Doane

My next stop was Dr. Doane the Principle at Harrison High. We began our conversation with a another "Hello" than we began to speak. My conversation with Dr. Doane was great then turned into the same problem with Dr. Seymour. She seemed to not know what was going on even though she was the Principle of Harrison High. She quoted that the assistant principle Dr. Palleni "was usually in the hands of discipline acts." So I then knew that Dr. Palleni was who I needed to speak to now.

Dr. Palleni

My conversation with Dr. Palleni went quite terrible. You see he is a guy who like to keep things from other people and I found that problem out during our talk. Unlike the other teachers he seemed to know what I was talking about but said I got the story all wrong. I simply quoted that "Did you inform Dr. Doane that on Friday you suspended a student, Philip Malloy, for singing The Star Spangled Banner?" Then he got all mad and said "I don't wish to talk to you." Something is going on with this student and his school and I want to get to the top of it!

Ms. Narwin

My fourth and final stop was to deal with Ms. Narwin other know as the teacher who started everything. I was already informed that Thursday, March 29 at 8:02am is when this all began. I began the conversation by saying "Miss Narwin, my name is Jennifer Stewart, of the Manchester Record. The education reporter. I'm trying to write a story regarding an incident---something that appears to have happened in you school, in your class. I understand you are a teacher." Then she simply quoted "What incident are you referring to? Im not aware." I then informed her and we finished our conversation. After this chat with Ms. Narwin I'm still completely clueless.


After spending many days talking to the teachers and staff at Harrison High I have noticed that this school is full of lies. My talk with Dr. Seymour got me no where at all. I thought that since he was the Superintendent he would have to know whats currently going on but I was wrong. My conversation with Dr. Doane wasn't any better, she knew just as much as Seymour. To think since she's the printable she would know about all problems in her school but I guess I was wrong there too. Dr. Palleni and I's conversation. Don't even get me started. It seemed to me that he was way to tired of the situation to the fact of getting mad about it. Poor Ms. Narwin didn't expect the all the news reports she simply thought that she could just send him to the office and no one would get involved, but she was wrong. All in all, I'm still not quite done with my discoveries but they keep getting more and more interesting as they go.