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Educator SEL Professional Development

Sanford Inspire is composed of On-Demand Modules -- 30-60 minute micro-courses that can be completed anytime, anywhere. Professional Development Credit is given with a certificate of completion.

February: Restorative Justice: Rethinking Discipline (Virtual) - 30 minutes

In this module, you will:

  • Examine the benefits of using a restorative approach to student discipline.
  • Explore restorative justice strategies to use with your students.

How do you get started? If you have not created an account with Sanford Harmony, please do so. You will get access to Sanford Inspire. If you already have an account, you have access to Sanford Inspire.

From Your SEL Coordinators,

Quinettie Arceneaux, Elana Elie, San "Janie" Holtz, Kathryn LeBlanc, Laura Richard

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Support SEL: 8 Practical Things Families Can Do at Home

With kids home for the foreseeable future, social-emotional learning (SEL) may be some of the best at-home learning kids do. We know SEL skills are key to our students’ success in life, but not everyone knows how to explicitly teach these skills.

Family Resources: Communicate & Connect with Your Kids

This toolkit is designed as a resource to: Better understand your own mental health needs and the needs of the youth in your life. Provide ideas for sustaining self-care practices. Learn practices to support connections between family and youth.

Positive Mindset

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15 TikTok Science Experiments To Show Your Students

Looking for some amazing science experiments to show your students? TikTok has you covered! Enjoy engaging students with these activities.

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Amid COVID-19

The fact is: Children can’t process and retain new information if their brains are overwhelmed with anxiety. That’s especially true for students who are feeling deeply stressed by the coronavirus, economic recession, and country's unrest.

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