Not too late of a night with SEM

Since we all have lectures the day after

One tuesday, One goal, One Student Group.

What better way is there to spend a tuesday afternoon than with friends and classmates, enjoying snacks, playing games and having fun?

This tuesday, we put in minimal effort to bring to you the (Hopefully) bi-annual, Not too late of a night with SEM event.

Our goal is to bring together a bunch of nerds and find the true master of games no one plays anymore, to enjoy movies most of us have probably seen and episodes of series we already watch!

Also there is that apple thing no one cares about.

If you are an SEM student at the ITU, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! (as it may never happen again).

Not too late of a night with SEM

Tuesday, Sep. 10th 2013 at 5pm

IT universitetet, Lindholmen, Göteborg, Sweden

2nd Floor of the Patricia building


Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the night. We do not have a policy against bringing your own alcohol, food and snacks, in fact we encourage it.

Hall C:

17:15- Welcome everyone

17:25- There will be an open "stage" for anyone who wishes to attempt their hands at telling jokes, playing instruments or just stand there for 10 minutes and talk about nonsense. (P.S Instruments/Jokes not supplied).

17:25- Retro Gaming Tournament 1

A Street Fighters tournament will be held and the winner will receive a prize.

19:00- Retro Gaming Tournament 2

A bomberman competition will be held and the winner will receive a prize.

After and between the tournaments the projector will be free for playing any of the available retro games.

17:25- Poker Tournament

A No Limit No Check Texas hold'em tournament. Where participants are given a certain amount of chips and the last man standing wins a prize. If you want to participate it is a good idea to have at least glanced through the rules.

17:25- Boardgames

Board Games will be available throughout the night. Some of these games include dungeons and dragons: Castle ravenloft, Civilization, risk and monopoly. If you have a favourite board game you wish to bring, feel free to do so.

Hall B:

17:30-Movie marathon.

Movies will constantly be available here throughout the night.

These movies will be voted on during monday and tuesday.

Stay tuned on facebook for the voting links


17:30- The 1st Episode

The 1st Episode is a way to get introduced to new series.

We will select a few good (and hopefully spoiler free) episodes from famous series and put them on.

During the whole night episodes from different series are going to be shown here.

Steve Jobs:

19:00 WWDC Stream