Haily Schaefer

Thesis and Purpose

The directors did a good job showing the purpose of the documentary. I think the purpose of the film was to show that no matter what good things happen if you work hard enough for it, and to explain to us as highschool students that we should never give up. That we have to believe in yourself so you can achieve. It also shows that even if some bad things happen you have to pick yourself up and try again.

UNDEFEATED - "Gotta Believe In Yourselves"

Did it Acheive the Purpose?

I think it did achieve the purpose because when a OC a football player on the team couldn't play because of his grades, coach Bill helped him get a tutor and helped him get his grades up.

Another reason why I think that it achieved the purpose is because when Money one of the star players got hurt he worked extra hard to get back on to that field.

Lastly, a reason is at the end of the documentary it shows that an unknown man/women promised Money that they would pay for him to go to college and earn a 4 year degree.


As a viewer the impact it had on me was that I should stay focused and do what I have to no matter what happens. The documenatry made me think that if i try hard enough I can accomplish my goals. My perspective is that no matter what happens, no matter what I go through, I will do something useful with my life. I will be able to do what i've been wanting to do. The documentary has made me look at teachers differently, some of the teachers at my school wouldn't do anything close to what Coach Bill did for his players, they don't care about the students here like Coach Bill did.
Where are OC and Money at now?

In this video it shows where OC and Money are at now, and what has been going on in their lives.