Black Lives Matter

By: Katrina Luu

Citizens raid over the cruelty and unfairness of authority towards African Americans after controversial cases

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Trayvon Martin

  • Officer was not found guilty
  • Shot for suspicious behavior
  • Unarmed
  • Claimed self defense
  • African American with hoodie


  • Shot by police
  • Protesters were arrested
  • Not guilty
  • 6 bullets
  • Claimed self defense

Hw did people react?

  • Held rallies
  • Angry crowds gathered
  • Destruction
  • Riots
  • National media images
  • All over social media, tv, and crowds surrounded where acts took place

What was the result of it all?

  • All lives matter
  • More attention towards racial inequality
  • Ferguson's first black police chief
  • National awareness about discrimination
#BlackLivesMatter Fails - Volume 1

How did they demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

  • different methods used
  • Some showed violence
  • Some protested respectfully

Depending on their values, morals, and beliefs, people choose to stand up for what they think in different ways. Many are against violence and this peaceful protest is the best way, while others believe that you need to use violence to get attention and really take a stand.