Amy Bandy

A Look Into My Life

What I do in my free time

I love to swim. I'm not the best but I love to do it and I do it all the time. Every week day I swim after school at the Lenoir Rhyne pool.

My favorite TV Shows

This summer, I got hooked on the TV show Whodunnit on ABC. It was a murder mystery reality show where they "killed" someone every week. I also love Pretty Little Liars on ABC family because it is a nice mystery and I enjoy the suspense.

My past in science

Ever since I was little, I loved mysteries and thinking about why stuff is the way it is. Once I got into middle school and started taking science classes, I knew I wanted to do science forever. I skipped earth science and took biology my freshmen year and it was by far my favorite class that year. Sophomore year I took environmental science and chemistry and loved both of them. Since I was interested in science, this summer I went to Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics. I had two classes, a forensics class and a computer science class. The forensics class was the most fun I have ever had in a class and I learned so much. I love discovering the past before anyone else. I am really excited for physics because I think it will combine my love for science with my love for math.