Middle Eastern Endangered Animals

Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopards appearance is strikingly different from a common leopard. They have fur thats long and wooly which protects the cat from extreme cold weather. The color of this cat is grey with brownish or yellow tingles on its flanks. White fur on its belly, chest, and chin. It has a tail that can measure up too 900 cm, which helps the cat balance himself.


Snow leopards are found in about 12 countries, such as China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Mongolia. Their one of the most enigmatic wild cats that live and travel in solitude over vast distances of isolated and rugged mountain ranges in Central Asia.



These large cats are well adapted to their high altitude homes with steep hills and rocky mountains. They have a well-developed chest that helps them get oxygen from the thin air of the high mountains. They have short forelimbs with sizable paws, long hind limbs, and a thick tail close to a meter long. These adaptions help the snow leopard keep its balance on the rocky areas it lives in. They have a large nasal cavity that allows them to warm the cold air they are about to take into their lungs. They have long body hair with a dense, wooly underfur to keep them worm from the cold climate.

Critical Endangerment

Snow leopards are mostly hunted by humans. Mainly for their fur, to prevent attacks on domestic livestock, and for the eastern pseudo-medicine market.

This cat has been known for their beautiful fur. Their fur structures help it survive in its habitat, and helps it with transportation.

Snow leopards occasionally prey on domestic live in their habitat. Herders depend on these animals for food and money, The lose of a singe sheep or goat can cause hardness on an entire family. Some people don't want anymore at attacks.

The bones and other body parts are in use for traditional Asian medicine.


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