Hestia: goddess of Hearth and home

By: Carla Medina ( Darla )


Hestia's personality is nice, peaceful,very simple. She is the first born of my family like Hestia. That is why I chose her. Her personality is similar to mine. I keep peace between my friends. I am nice to most people. I don't have a short temper most of the time. I also have a likable personality. I like the nice simple things more than the most expensive things. Hestia is a very interesting goddess to do a project on.
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Hestia info

Hestia's roman name is Vesta. Her parents were Cronus and Rhea. She was the first born, but last to be yielded up again by her father Cronus. Her siblings were Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, and Hera. She never married or had children.

1. Her siblings are Zeus, Hades, Posidon, Demter,and Hera.

2. She is one of the oldest Olympians.

3. Hestia gave up her place as an Olympian and gave it to Dionysus.

4. She was the gentle of the gods.

5. She isn't in many myths.

6. She was first born, but last to be yielded up again from Cronos.

7. Hestia never married,but was wooed by Apollo and Posiedon.

8. She was considered the patron goddess of architecture.

9. She never took part in many disputes.

10. Chooses to sit on a wooden throne with a white wool cushion being modest.

Greek Mythology: The Story of Hestia