Marco Polo

The Life Of Marco Polo

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Marco Polo Map

This is a picture of Marco Polo travel and routs how he got to places like China.

Marco Polo's Birth

Marco Polo

Tuesday, April 1st, 12am

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This is were Marco Polo was born Venice, Italy and born on September 1255. But we know he was born in September but not the actual day.

Marco Polo's early life

Marco traveled extensively to Europe and Asia from 1271 to 1295. He was in China for 17 years. Marco made a trip to China from 1260 1269 during which the Kublai Khanr requested holy oil blessed by the pope.

Marco Polo's Achievements and Discoveries

Marco Polo mastered 4 languages and writing. Another achievement was Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans to travel to Asia through china. Marco last achievement was Marco Polo found on his travel to China were coal, gunpowder, printing, paper money, and silk. Marco Polo wrote Book of Ser Marco Polo at 1298.

How Marco Polo Impacted us today

Marco Polo made people want to discover more of the world and made them wonder and to learn more of china. It inspired Christopher Columbus to travel west and that's why there's a Columbia exchange because Christopher Columbus wanted to travel and go to India and find new land.