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3/25/2020: We're In This Together

An Open Letter from Mrs. Deas

Dear Deer Park Families,

This morning I wrangled my five year old up to start his distance learning for the day. My eleven year old started working on his math assignment after breakfast, and my husband is hosting a Zoom for his high school Law Education students. It's finally starting to sink in that this is our temporary normal.

But I'd like to check on YOU. Eight days ago, you became the teacher, the school secretary, the attendance clerk, the lunch lady, the tutor, the PE teacher, the assistant principal, and the principal on top of the normal hats you wear. Please know that you are not alone. If you need anything during this time, we are an email or phone call away. Our teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff are all ready and willing to help.

Our building officially closed last Wednesday, but we are all working from home. The district has launched Grab and Go lunch sites around our community. Most recently, a stop has been added at Woodside Manor beginning at 12:15 and ending at 1:00 at the corner of Midview and Clovewood. If you or someone you know needs assistance with food, please reach out to me or someone from our faculty and staff, and we will work to get assistance as soon as possible.

Please know that during these times, there is no expectation for perfection. Our faculty and staff has worked to give you resources to help create some normalcy for our scholars, but we don't expect you to do it all. You have so many other things you are trying to shuffle, and we understand that. Please expect a call or an email from at least one teacher every day just to check in and offer support or resources.

We've shared a sample daily schedule in this newsletter and on our website, but please do what works for your family. We understand that each family situation is different, and it is ok. I do suggest coming up with some type of routine. This will not only help your kids, but it will bring you some sanity as well. Please know you have our support through all of this!

Scholars currently have enough instructional material to get them through Spring Break. We are currently following the direction of our local, state, and district leadership to provide an instructional plan for scholars through the end of April, and will publish that information when it becomes available.

Finally, please know that you've got this! Each of you is raising amazing young adults. I often brag about how incredibly blessed I am to love, lead, and serve the Deer Park family. Our scholars are kind, bright, and resilient. You have taught them so many things over the years. Take time to enjoy your kids, have fun with them, and love them. They will remember that for the rest of their lives. We will get through this. Again, if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Shanitra Deas

Proud Principal, Deer Park Middle School

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