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Transition to Hybrid Learning

January 21, 2021

Dear EPHS Families:

After Governor Brown’s new guidance that was released on January 19, 2021, we have new information and revised information to provide to you. Thank you in advance for your understanding of continual moving parts and our attempts to provide the best learning for your student.

If your student is not attending EPHS Hybrid in-person instruction, please scroll to the bottom of this letter.

If your student is attending the EPHS In-person Hybrid Learning:

  • Please read and review this contract with your student: click here

  • Cohorts:

The student body has been divided into two Cohorts (A/B) in order to minimize

potential contact between students and adhere to the state guidelines of no

more than 100 student contacts within a week. See Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 A/B

calendar HERE.

  • If your address ends in an ODD number, your student is part of Cohort A.

  • If your address ends in an EVEN number, your student is part of Cohort B.

  • You can see what Cohort your student has been assigned to on ParentVue.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate shifts in student cohorts. If this opportunity becomes available in the future due to spots becoming available, a detailed process will be sent to families.

  • Attendance for Off-Campus/Asynchronous Learning

When a student’s cohort is on an off-campus day, they will still be expected to engage in asynchronous learning opportunities that will be posted on their course Canvas page. This learning should take students between 45 min and 1 hour per course to complete independently. This learning will prioritize both previewing upcoming content and application/practice of previous content.

  • Attendance will still be taken daily even on an off-campus day. Students will be expected to engage with each of their current courses daily in one of two ways: either by completing their assignments posted in Canvas due on that day, or completing a google form assigned by their teacher on that day to verify attendance.

  • Arrival to School

All students will be allowed into the building at 8:45 am where stations will be

set up for screening before entering the building. If your student is a

walker/driver/drop off, please adhere to this time frame. Please see this map for student’s entry point based off of their first period class. If your student is a bus

rider, the bus will drop off your student in front of the school (Science Dept), complete a health screen, and pick up a grab and go breakfast upon entry to the new gymnasium. If your student arrives after the start of school they will still be required to check in at the front office to be screened.

  • Dismissal from School

Dismissal from school will be as follows:

  • Students will be dismissed and exit the building to the nearest outdoor exit and walk outside of the building to their bus or car.

  • Students are expected to maintain social distancing and wear a mask until they can attain 6 feet of social distancing outside.

  • Staff members will help ensure all safety precautions are being maintained regarding social distancing and mask-wearing.

  • Staff members will monitor hallways to ensure a steady flow of traffic to the outside doors of the building.

  • Lunch

Lunch will be provided for all students. Freshmen will receive lunch and return

to their NEST classroom in order to minimize cross-contamination of cohorts.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be released off campus if they choose or

will receive lunch in the cafeteria and return to their NEST class.

  • Face Coverings

Face coverings are a requirement at all times for anyone who comes onto campus. Face coverings are defined as a cloth, polypropylene, paper, or other face-covering that covers the nose and the mouth and that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face. Face Coverings are required unless there is documentation on file (IEP, 504, IDEA, ADA, etc.). Face shields do not meet the requirement and are only allowed with a medical note that mandates the need as a replacement for face coverings. If you need this accommodation please have your physician complete this form click here and return it to the EPHS front office.

  • Please bring the following to school daily:

    • Backpack

    • Reusable/filled water bottle

    • Charged iPad & charger

    • Face covering

If your student is not attending EPHS Hybrid in-person instruction, we will continue to provide distance learning within our district. However, this would more than likely be with a different teacher in our district. We are trying to provide as many options as possible within our power for our students’ and families’ needs; this includes AP, Honors, CTE and Fine Arts courses.

  • Students and families will have the option to do EPHS Online (independent distance learning) or attend URCEO Virtual (similar structure to our current CDL set-up). URCEO Virtual will require a commitment to finish the quarter virtually.

    • If you prefer to have your student attend EPHS Online, please contact the EPHS Eagle Center at 541.830.6669 or email mcnultyj@eaglepnt.k12.or.us no later than February 1st.

      • Our EPHS Online model will begin on Jan 28th in order for all courses to be loaded into Edmentum properly, AP courses adjusted and students enrolled into correct classes. This means that Jan 25-27, online students will not have regular classes. Instead, they will complete any missing assignments from Semester 1 and/or last Spring in all of their classes, organize Planners, make up assessments, and contact teachers for necessary Relearning Plans. Please continue to monitor your StudentVue to see when your courses have been loaded and look for an email from Mrs. Kathy Alexander for further instructions regarding our Edmentum online platform and how to begin working online by Jan 28.

      • We are currently working through CTE and Fine Arts course availability in addition to advanced course offerings.

      • Your student can attend a class in-person at EPHS while remaining a full-time online student IF the scheduled course is not available through Edmentum or Canvas, our online platform. Contact the Eagle Center for this combination option.

    • If you prefer to have your student continue in CDL, please contact URCEO staff on their website https://urceo.eaglepnt.k12.or.us/our_school, call them at 541.830.6579 or go to https://urceo.eaglepnt.k12.or.us/our_school/virtual_learning_opportunities/u_r_c_e_o_virtual_f_a_q to register your student for CDL at URCEO no later than February 1st.

I know that this is a large amount of information that has been provided to you. We have been working diligently to cover as many bases as possible in this unknown time, and we want you to have the most updated information that we can provide. There will be necessary adjustments in the coming weeks, and we appreciate your understanding when tweaks must be made in the best interest of our students. Together we will navigate this unique time in your student’s education.

Go Eagles,

EPHS Staff

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