Foreshadowing In Walk Two Moons

By: Krista Ambrose

Summary of Walk Two Moons

The novel Walk Two Moons Written By: Sharon Creech tells a story about 13-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle. Sal and her grandparents are traveling to Lewiston, Idaho to visit Sal's Mom's grave. On the ride to Lewiston Sal tells a story about Pheobe Winterbottom

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to hint to us and give us a better read to understand what will happen in the end of the story.

Event #1: Mike Bickle is Mrs.Winterbottoms son

One event that is foreshadowed is that Mike Bickle is Mrs.Winterbottom's son. The first time it comes up Phoebe (Mrs.Winterbotoms daughter) Was talking to her neighbor Mrs.Partridge and she said "Pheobe I think I met your brother." Pheobe was awfully confused because she didn't have a brother. (Creech 193) This gives us a hint Pheobe could have a brother she doesn't know about. Another time that the topic comes up Mrs.Winterbottom was at Mike's university and she kissed mike on the cheek. (Creech 235) Since the kiss was on the cheek it wasn't so romantic as it was friendly. It makes it seem like a mother and son relationship. Later Pheobe bring up how she saw Mike and her mom spitting off of a bench. (Creech 240) Spitting is not romantic. Mike is much younger than Mrs.Winterbottom, He was almost the same age as Prudence (Mr.Winterbottom's oldest daughter,) but he was just a little older. They were mother and son age and all the clues with how they act around eashother lead us to infer that Mike is Mrs.Winterbottom's son. Sharon Creech includes these hints so we have a better take on what is going to happen at the end of the book.

Event #2: Sal's Mom Dies in a Bus Accident

One of the other events in the book that was foreshadowed is that Sal's mom dies in a bus accident. In the very beginning Sal says "Momma who was resting peacefully in Lewiston" (Creech 5.) That already tells us that her mom is dead. Later Sal tells us about her fears which include that she was afraid of cars/car accidents and death. From her telling us that we can infer that something happened to make her afraid of cars/car accidents and death. Another time it comes up every time Sal sees a bus she thinks of her mom and she watched the bus say and watched the tires spin dangerously close to the road's edge. If she thinks about her mom and watches the danger of bus' every time she sees one we can infer that her mom maybe got in a bus accident and died. Since we infer that, that would also explain why Sal is afraid of cars, car accidents and death. Later in the story Sal visits a site in Lewiston where a bus accident occurred. While there, a man came up to her and they had a conversation an started talking about the accident. "Only one person survived ya know?" "I knew." (Creech 262) Sal knew her mom was not that on person. Those clues and hints throughout the book lead us to infer that her mom died in a bus accident. It helps us to have a better understanding about what happened in the end.